I Want <3

When you love a band you want to keep them...Now you can ;)


14. First night.

Nialls P.O.V

I help close her suitcase and then kiss her cheek. You ready? I ask happily. She nods then disagrees , running to the kitchen to grab LOTS of junk food and carrots. Thats my girl :)

We finish loading all the stuff into our bus. The 2 rooms on the bus were given to Louis and Elenor and Harry and Ashley. Sarah and I agreed to using the bunks. She was so happy Elenor was on the tour for a little while.

Sarah P.O.V

I Popped up popcorn and put some junk food in bowls for everyone. I got help picking out the movies. Toy story 1,2 & 3 was first.

Louis, Harry and I were the only ones not sleeping. Lou smirked and grabbed a air horn. I couldnt help but to shove my face into my pillow. Everyone jumped to the sound. Elenor, Ashley and Niall had a little fit of it. I got niall smiling and Ashley fell asleep too fast so yeah. I threw carrots at elenor and laughed to her reaction, She just laughed with me and ate them. This is so fun. Well fun without all the paparazzi in our faces. Me and Niall cuddled before falling asleep in a akwed position...

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