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15. Beach !

Sarahs P.O.V.

"BLEEEEP!" Startled I Hit my head on the wall. Loui Had blown the horn in my ear. The boys start jumping on the bed. "Wha-Where am i?" I soon realize were in a house. "Beach Time!" I hear Ashley say wearing a royal blue sundress and sandals. "were at the beach" i say super confused. "Yup our tour is canceled for 3 months." I smile and run to my suitcase grabbing some shorts and a shirt of Nialls with a Fringe bathing suit to go underneath.

Ashleys P.O.V.

Music playing, Drinks cold, warm sun, Perfect beach spot, This is a summer vaca now. I Laugh to the sight of a cray water fight. Sploosh! I was just covered in water.. I jump up to shake off. Harry picks me up and hands me to Zayn. He throws me into the water, Laughing like a idiot. Zayn! I Jump on to his back to push him down into the water. Bad idea he grabs me again but upside down and dunks me. Ugh! I storm off to my towel and Harry. Hes laughs as he lets me sit on his lap and Hugs me from behind. Your ok he says hugging me tightly. I know, I say noticing my attituide.

Sarahs P.O.V.

I jump onto Nialls back as he trys to get me off. I keep laughing as he looks crazy. He gives up and goes into the deep water and falls back. Gosh, I love you Sarah! he says kissing my nose. But i love you more! I say with a huge smile. He Carries me back and I smile again the cuteness of Harry and Ashley cuddling on the beach. Ah! Niall drops me down into the sand and starts covering me in sand.

Nialls P.O.V.

Near The end, Liam and Zayn left to go rent a big golf cart for the week. Harry and Ashley were busy building a sand castle and Sarah fell ct.alsleep on the shore. While Louis and Eleanor were writing on the beach, I just ate like my normal self. When They got back Liam left the car at the beachouse and both arrived in the 2 golf carts. Apperently everyone in this warm beach place everyones allowed traveling in golf carts. We had exactly 8 people so it was perfect.

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