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3. The Sorting Hat

Jessica got out of the boat and waited for Oliver and Scorpius. Then all five friends entered the huge and amazing school.

Mrs Monday, the deputy headmistress, told everyone to leave the suitcases on the indoors entrance. "Now, everyone, follow me to the dinner hall!" She had to speak loud so everyone could hear her.

Jessica and her friends were all in the middle of the crowd by the time they were all in the hall, which would make it difficult to get up there.

After the headmaster, Mr Longbottom, went on lots about the school, he introduced Mrs Monday, who then had a very long talk about a hat. "Now, I will call up names of people, when you hear your name being called you must walk up here and sit down, the Sorting Hat will do the rest. Tiger Longbottom?!"

A small boy with a toad walked up to the seat and the headmaster clapped for him.

Like father like son, Tiger's Toad had just jumped away.

"You were meant to leave your stuff by the entrance, Mr Longbottom, go get him, then come back. Hmm... Rose Weasly!"

Rose sat at the seat and had a hat placed onto her head. "Hmm... Your entire family has been placed into Gryffindor, how would they feel that you were placed in..."

Rose scrunched up her face, hopefully.


Everyone applauded for her.

"Scorpius Malfoy?!" Ordered Mrs Monday

"Now, young boy, your family has often been placed into Slytherin... HUFFLEPUFF!!"

"Albus Potter?!"


Albus looked really happy to be joining Gryffindor with his cousin, Rose.

"Jessica Martins?!"

Jessica waited for a bit, she did not want to be embarrassed, and she certainly did not want to join Slytherin.

"Jessica Martins!"

Oliver pushed Jess up a bit, so she continued up to the large seat. The hat was quite big and uncomfortable.

"Hmm, you're a tricky one, your mother was in Ravenclaw, Grandfather and Grandmother was in Hufflepuff... Sooo... Lets place you in... GRYFFINDOR!!!"

Jessica Walked over and sat right next to Albus to the right of her and Rose to her left, she was so excited, she just knew they were all going to have so many adventures togther.

She tried to calm down and payed more attention as her brother, Oliver was placed into...

"Oliver... It wouldn't harm you to place you into Gryffindor with your sister... Would it?"

Oliver tried talking to the hat with his mind.

"No, it would, you find Jessica quite annoying don't you? You want to be away from her? she'll embarrass you in Gryffindor. I see a small spark of evil inside of you boy."

The headmaster began to really pay attention.

"You want to grow that spark, everyone in Slytherin will help you my boy and you could become the-"

"STOP", the headmaster stopped the hat, "could you please place him into a house! Enough chit-chat!" He was hoping the hat would sort Oliver somewhere away from Slytherin house, so the spark could shrink.

"OK then headmaster... SLYTHERIN!!!"

The word Slytherin repeated it self in Jessica's brain, and her face froze as Oliver was welcomed by his new evil, Slytherin friends.

"Jess... Jess, are you okay?" Albus asked.

"No, does my brother really think that about me?"

"Look, Jess, If you believe he's evil, then you have to reach his mind, change his thoughts." Persuaded James, but his persuading failed, and Jessica slowly stood up from her squeaky chair and headed for the ladies room.

Rose and Albus followed on after, although Albus had to wait out side of the ladies room.

Rose tried to talk to Jessica, but she had locked her self into one of the cubicles.

Rose could clearly here that Jessica was not doing anything on the toilet other than cry, so she used an unlocking spell, "alohomora!" then she stood next to Jessica, patted her back lots and tried calming her down. "Look, things aren't going to get any better if you lock yourself in here, that was the hat speaking, not your brother, and if he is evil than just like James said, you, and only you can calm him down and sort him out."

Jessica wiped her nose with her sleeve, then nodded her head, "if you say so."

"What are you girls doing in here?" Shouted Mrs Monday, holding the back coller of Albus' robe.

Trust me, looking at Rose and Jessica in the same cubicle, from Mrs Monday's veiw, looks kind of awkward. "You are meant to be in the dinner hall, not hugging each other in a cubicle!"

Mrs Monday clearly could not see that Jessica had just been crying, so Rose tried to think of an excuse. "Sorry Professor, Jessica was crying, I was just being a friend and calming her down."

"Why was she sad?"

Rose looked at Jessica who was shaking her head meaning, if you tell anyone than i'll make you eat slugs, just like your Father.

"It's a bit personal Professor."

"I understand, missing family is an often thing, but if you want you can send them letters and you can go home to see them on holidays."

As we know, that was not the reason, but what Mrs Monday doesn't know, won't hurt. So both girls nodded their heads.

"And as for you young man, I do believe you are a boy, and this is the girls rest room"

Rose helped out with Albus too. "He just wanted to help calm Jessica down, he was going to do so when we came out."

"I'll let you off this time. Now, you are missing dinner, so go back down to the dinner hall and eat up."

All three wizarding students did so.


Everyone in the dinner hall ate their dinner and then after that, all houses splited up, "Good bye, Scorpius, and we are all happy to see you are in Hufflepuff, your parents will be happy too!" Cried Rose and Albus, while Jessica just said good bye.

Scorpius had also just fell in live with Jessica at that moment, and Albus didn't know it but he had a competion.

Jessica caught Oliver with the corner of her eye, she hid from him, but Oliver was looking for her.

Jessica told Albus and Rose, then they all sped up their walking and became at the front of the Gryffindor crowd.

A Gryffindor prefect lead the Gryffindor house to a painting. Jessica wondered why they had stopped here.

Part of the house were on the stairs so as the stairs changed, the prefect had to try to calm everyone down, "all of the stairs move, which is why when they get back here you must all come off of the stairs and gather here, where I am!"

It took five minutes, but eventually the stairs came back.

The prefect was a boy, and he told everyone this painting the was door to the Gryffindor house common room.

"The password to get in is, troll face" As he said the password the door opened, he explained that know one from the other houses must find out this password. "Boys to this side, girls to that side. We will tell you all you need to know."

The boy prefect walked up with the boys to the boys bed rooms, the girl prefect walked up with the girls to the girl bed rooms.

"Bye Albus" said both Rose and Jessica.

"See you tomorrow!" But Albus was mainly saying that to Jessica.


Oliver walked around the corridors, sneakily, still looking for Jessica. But he eventually gave up and started looking for his house room, Oliver didn't know where that was though because he was looking for Jess at that time.

"Boy? What are you doing here in these corridors, past school hours?" Said a mysterious, dark voice.

Oliver jumped then turned to the voice.

The dark voice, stepped forward. It was Mr Darkskull, the head of Slytherin.

"Err, Professor! I got lost."

"You are a Slytherin?"

"Y... Yes."

"Come with me..."

"Oliver... M... My name is Oliver."




The time suddenly became 11:41 pm.

Albus took a large step out of his bed, and walked down to Gryffindor's common room.

He saw some one lying on the sofa in front of the lit fire place.

He took a wild guess, "Umm, Jessica?"

Jessica sat up and looked at Albus, "What are you doing down here?"

"Couldn't sleep."


Albus sat down next to Jessica. "So.. is it about your... Um... Brother?"

"Yeah." Jessica put her head down onto Albus' shoulder.

Albus felt happy.

"That hat is mental, honestly. It tried putting Harry Potter, my Dad, into Slytherin! The hat just got it wrong again, you'll see."

"Really?" Jessica leaned in closer to Albus, Albus leaned closer to Jessica.

"Hello? Who's down there?"

Jessica went back to where she was sitting originally, leaving Albus and his puckered lips where they were.

"Jessica is that you?"

"Yeah and Albus."

Albus stood up to see who it was."Rose? Couldn't you sleep either?"

"No, I've been reading The tales of beedle the bard for the past thirty minutes, I only just relised Jessica wasn't in bed. Oliver again?"

Jessica nodded.

"I bet he's searching for you right now, Jess."




"But if death eaters still exist then, like you said, Voldemort is still alive."

"You catch on slow, boy. Maybe you were a bad option, i'll choose some one else" complained Professor Darkskull.

"NO, I want to do this. Like the hat says, I can't live with Jessica, I need to grow my spark." Answered Oliver

"You were looking for Jessica earlier?"

"That was before you told me about this. With help, and lots of training, I could rule the world!"

"AHAH HA, I wouldn't go that far just yet, boy, you could help lots. Bring more of your friends tomorrow, just by the entrance of the school, at lunch, we'll talk more then."


"Now, on your way, boy. Don't let me catch you out of bed again." Professor Darkskull handed Oliver a map of the school, he pointed out where the Slytherin common room was, "the password to get in is filthy mudblood".#

Oliver made his way to the common room and slept well.



# Just to calm you down in case you thought, this map is not the Marauder's map, it's just an ordinary map of the school.

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