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4. The Marauder's map

Jessica woke up, in her bed, noticed Rose was up and reading and said, "I thought I fell asleep downstairs?"

Rose looked up, "Oh yeah, Albus carried you up."

"He did? But boys aren't allowed in here."

"He did, and hey, rules are not gonna stop him, trust me."

Jessica yawned and asked for the time.


"How long have you been up?"

"Not long, just... Ten minutes."


Jessica got dressed, so did Rose, then they both had a look at their time table for today:


Gryffindor time table:

Hogwarts orchestra with Hufflepuff with professor Flitwick

Flying with Ravenclaw with Madam Hooch


Potions with Hufflepuff with professor Slughorn

Defence against the dark arts with Slytherin with professor Darkskull


Ancient studies with Slytherin with professor Dragoncast


Ugh two lessons with Oliver today. Thought Jessica.

"I can try to sit next to you during them two lessons if you want, the last two?" Asked Rose.

"No, I'm OK. So what are you reading now?"

"Quidditch, through the ages"

"Any Good? How was the last one?"

"It's cool, but I have nearly finished it, My Mum owned the last on, The tales of beedle of the bard, it was awesome!"

Jessica pushed Rose over and called her a geek, Rose took that as a compliment.




Albus woke up his friends, Jeremy, Gil and Waldo, and his brother, James. "Wake up guys!"

"Why are you so happy?" asked James.

"No reason, it's just that I nearly kissed Jessica last night! AND I carried her up to her bed when she fell asleep!"

"OK, A - You are a boy, you can't go in the girls' bed room and B - basically all I got was you were about to kiss Jessica but she fell asleep." He and the other boys laughed.

"No, we were about to kiss, but Rose came down, so Jessica retreated, then she fell asleep."

"Oh right, OK, I prefer my guess."

"She's not into you any more!!"

"Aww jeez, that's a shame." Said James, sarcastically. "I really don't care, Albus."

"Yeah right."

"Honestly, she's not even in my year!"

"Yeah, but you wish she was."

"No. I don't, and you are a lot more desperate than I thought you were."

Everyone laughed again.

Albus took out some sweets to change the subject.

"What are they?" Asked Waldo, he was a Muggle-born.

"These? Oh they make you sound like different things, like a train, a lion, lots of things like that, go on have one." Explained Albus

Waldo took the sweet from Albus, and ate it. He made a guinea pig squeak, which made everyone laugh because just like most guinea pigs, Waldo was weak.

James made a lion roar.

Gil became the chuga chuga noise of a train.

Albus became dog.

Jeremy had a parrot squawk, but then the boys soon found out that Jeremy was allergic to these sweets, and his face swelled up. James and Waldo took Jeremy to the Hospital.

Although Albus knew this would cost house points and he would be in trouble, the Gil and Albus laughed their heads off.

"Hey, Gil? Where's Longbottom?" The Albus laughed at this name.

"Tiger? In the common room, and I wouldn't laugh at his name if I were you, his Dad is the Headmaster."

"How longs he been down there?"

"How would I know?! I was asleep before you woke me!"

Albus walked downstairs and saw Tiger was training his toad to behave. "Hey, Tiger?!"

Tiger looked up at Albus.

"Where's my- Oh never mind"

Tiger went back to training his toad.

Albus walked up to his owl in it's cage. "Tiger, Do you know why my owl is down here? It should have been brought up to my room yesterday."

"I have know idea. But I have this map, I found it some where, it's blank, no use to me."

Albus took the map, I know this map! maybe Rose will know how to reveal it!

Rose came down the stairs with Jessica and one other girl called Coral.

"Perfect timing! Rose how do I look inside this?"

"OH! My uncles owned this then your Dad, but your Grandfather made it with his friends!"

"I know, I know!"

"Oh, right. Ermm, oh yeah. To unlock it's secrets, 'I solemnly swear i'm up to no good' to lock it, 'mischeif managed'. Don't forget to wave your wand over it!"

"Thank you! And hello Jessica! We should go to Hogsmeade at lunch visit the shops like Honeydukes!"

Jessica then remembered last night, "if Rose is going then I'll go"

"Sure! Oh, and I also have my Dad's invisibility cloak!"

"Why will we need that?" Asked Rose.

"Well I don't know, but I always have it with me, for emergencies!"

"And yet you failed to bring it up yesterday by the rest room?"

"Uh... Well all of my stuff was packed up and brought here... But ever since then I bring it every where with me, in my pocket!"

The three best friends entered the breakfast hall (which was also the dinner hall, so I will now call it the hall).

"WOW, was this ceiling like this yesterday?" Jessica looked shocked, the ceiling had a beautiful wizard pattern. "AAAHH!!! Is that a headless ghost?!!"

"Nearly headless actually, nearly headless Nick, I'm the ghost of Gryffindor" replied nearly headless Nick.

All students from all houses were now in the hall. The food on the table appeared.

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