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6. Suspicious

"Defence against the dark arts!" Cried Albus. Then he complained, "I bet the only thing I inherited from my Dad was parcel tongue!"

"Don't be harsh on your self Albus, you have a kind personality like your Dad." Replied Rose.

"That's probably my Mum."

"ENTER, class!" Shouted professor Darkskull.

Slytherin came in first, then Gryffindor, Albus had to stand next to Oliver, Rose stood next to Jessica.

"Now! Your partner will throw an expelliarmas, stupify or a impedimenta, no more than that, and you will block it using protego! Get a move on!"

With that the class started using the spells.

Rose and Jess took it easy on each other, checking if they were ready, Professor Darkskull caught them then he threw an expelliarmas at Jessica and said, "your enemy will not keep asking if you are ready for him to kill you!" Then he walked off to watch Oliver.

Jessica stood up, dusted herself off then said to Rose, "he's mean."

Rose agreed.

Oliver had used expelliarmas on Albus seven... No, eight times, stupefy, twenty, impedimenta, sixteen times. Albus did not like failing and he had not hit Oliver at all.

Oliver threw an impedimenta one more time, and this set Albus off, he used a levicorpus (pick up by ankle).

Most of the class stopped what they were doing and laughed at Oliver as dangled in the air.

Professor DarkSkull stunned Albus then took over his spell and let Oliver down slowly.

Oliver ran up to him and the class was eager for a real fight. He punched Albus on the nose. Professor Darkskull held him back and whispered into Oliver's ear, "you'll get your turn, don't worry."

Albus ran to the boys toilets holding his bleeding nose.

"Class dismiss!" The entire class left the room except Oliver and three of his friends, "boys, i'm going to be late, meet me outside of The Three Broomstick Inn." Said Professor Darkskull.

The boys left the class.

"There he is!" Cried Rose.

Jessica saw Albus outside the toilets then she looked behind, and saw Scorpius, Scorpius saw Jess and ran over.

"Poor you, you need to go to the hospital."

"NO. I'm fine!" Albus really really wanted to go Hogsmeade. "Look, i'm fine! See?" Albus pointed at his nose, it had a large scar, but it wasn't bleeding anymore. Jessica peeked around the corner. "Guys! It's Oliver!"

"Scorpius get under this!" Cried Albus. And so everyone got under the invisibility cloak, then followed Oliver.

Oliver felt followed so he kicked the air behind him then looked, "Oli, what's up, mate?" Asked Derek, one of Oliver's friends.

"Hm, nothing." Oliver replied.

Scorpius kept hassling Jessica to drink the drink he gave her. Jessica finally answered with, "what's so important about the damn thing? You're gonna get us found out!"

They followed Oliver and his gang to past the Hogwarts entrance gates.

"Well looks like we are still going to Hogsmeade." Said Albus, pointing out the obvious.

"Just face it, he's just having a look around! I mean after all, he used to believe he was a Muggle." Rose tried to persuade the others to going back.

"Please just drink it!" Cried Scorpius.

Oliver stopped, which worried the friends because they relised they had been too loud. Oliver turned then reached out his hand, he had caught the cloak. He slowly pulled it off, signaling to his friends to cast a spell when he had. His friends got the message, so Oliver quickly yanked the cloak off then moved out of the way whilst Derek, Bruce and Lottie threw out a powerful Tarantallegra (forces the opponent to dance).

Albus, Jessica, Rose and Scorpius all were forced to dance and Oliver walked in closer and closer, looking like he was going to punch more.

"HEY YOU!!!! Back away from my brother!" A voice called.

"What are you gonna do?!" Oliver shouted back.

The person was James, Albus could see this as James walked closer. James began to run.

Oliver and his gang ran away.

"James! I've never been happier to see you!" Albus was so happy.

"What the hell has he done to you?" James stared at Albus' mucked up nose. "Is that fractured? We need to get you to the hospital." He stopped the four from dancing, then they all headed for the hospital. "Oh, and nice flying." He laughed.

"Can you drink it now, please?" Scorpius was still going on about that potion. So Jessica gave up and drank the drink. "Hey, whats up now?"

"Still the same. It's a pretty funny tastin' pump... kin... .   .   . Scorpius?" Jessica felt confused.


Jessica leapt into Scorpius' arms.

Albus became jealous and pulled them away from each other, but like magnets, they just stuck back together. "You guys go on to the hospital, i'll be at next class real soon, don' worry."

Albus ran at Scorpius, but before he could throw a punch or kick or even a spell, James had caught him and pulled him along to the hospital. Rose just stared at the kissing couple, "cheesy." Then she caught back up with Albus and James.




The final lesson would come in two minutes and Jessica was not here, with Rose. Rose texted Albus:

Hey, is Jess wiv u? hope ur nose gets betR soon. x

Only twenty seconds until the lesson started, Rose received a text:

No... bet shes kissin tht retard. and thanx nose is doin gd.

Rose began to worry about her best friend, then Oliver walked up, grinning.

"What the hell have you done with her you cruel person?! She's your sister!!"

"I don't know what you are talking about, you gone mad?" Oliver looked honest.




"I never really noticed how hot and sexy you were." Mumbled Jessica.

"I get that a lot." Scorpius lied.

They kissed and kissed all through the hour (please know that it is just kissing, not sex).

They hid behind the wizard clothes in a shop called Gladrags Wizardwear until they got caught and ran, holding hands, to a bench outside.

They continued, kissing. Then suddenly snow fell from the sky. Scorpius wizarded up some slow dance music, then they slow danced together in the snow.


Around halfway through lesson time (which Jessica and Scorpius did not go to), a Hogwarts teacher walked up to the couple and he grabbed the two by their back collars.

Jessica reached out her hands to Scorpius.




The Professor lead the two to the headmaster's office, he knocked on the door, only once. "Come in, Professor." Said Professor Longbottom. He took one look at Scorpius and Jessica, who were both covered in snow and said, "this isn't like any of you to bunk."

"But I love him!" Cried Jessica.

"I'm not saying you don't. You seemed not that interested in him yesterday though."

"That was yesterday. We barely knew each other then!"

Professor Longbottom thought for a moment. Then whispered into the other Professor's ear, "get someone to watch them closely." "And as for you two, thirty house points taken away, each."

The other Professor dragged Scorpius and Jessica out then left.

"My common room, 9:00." Said Jessica, then she whispered, "the picture of the fat lady, troll face."

They kissed... Kissed... Kissed some more... Then finally left.




Jessica let out her owl, Shane, to fly around the common room, then she saw Rose. "Hey, Rose!"

"What's wrong with you?! I got placed right next to Oliver! And trust me, IT WAS HELL!"

"He's beautiful, isn't he?"

"... Uh... Are we still talking about your brother?... 'Cuz if we are then yeah he's OK, I love his jet black emo style hair. And his dark brown eyes drag you in and his slouch makes him look so cool and-"

"I'm not talking about him."

"Albus? You like his brown wild hair? His blue eyes? His-"

"Or him."

"Yourself? And your dark brown, wavy, long, tidy hair, your light brown, shady eyes?"

"I'm okay, but i'm not in love with myself."

"ME?!!??? And my messy ginger hair, always in ponytails, my blue eyes?"

"NO I'M NOT A LESBIAN! And why do you keep describing people?"

"I don't know... But who are you talking about?"

"Isn't it obvious? Scorpius!"

"But his strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes?" Moaned Rose.

"Stop describing already! He's so hot!"

"Jessica? You there?"

"Can't you see?"

"I just suspected you would prefer James."

"PAH, that was so last year!"

"We haven't even had a week here?"

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