the amazing school of witchcraft and wizardry!



2. Platform 9 3/4

Jessica and Oliver had finished their shopping and entered their house. "Wow, Oliver, We're A Witch and Wizard!" Cried Jess, Oliver acted as though he did not care, but he really did.

Jessica ran to her room jumped on her bed lots then got her drawing pad out from her draws.

She drew a very large poster of her head next to James' head, with a large love heart border. She was an excellent artist. Jessica stuck her new poster on her ceiling above her bed so when ever she went to bed she would sleep to see that poster just above. She lied down on her bed for three minutes just staring at her picture, then she started playing with her brand new cloak and wand.

Mr Martins heard all the noise up in Jess' bed room, so he stormed up, opened the door and began an unfinished sentence, "It sounds like a herd of elephants are...-" Mr Martins took one look at the now very messy bedroom, then told Jessica to stop playing with her new stuff, "Put that all back away now, and clean your bed room!".

Jessica did as she was told.

Jessica fed her owl, who she called Shane, Shane was a loud boy owl, who looked like he landed in lots of smoke.

Oliver had a light brown owl, called Blaze, Blaze was quiet, like Oliver, but he did like to fly around lots and be free from his cage.




It was now the 29th of July, and Mrs Martins decided to send the owls to Hogwarts on this day.

Blaze had been bugging Oliver all the time he had him, always wanting to fly free, so Oliver happily gave his mum Blaze. But Jessica on the other hand, cried extremely hard, her crying did not work.

Mrs Martins attached a note saying who the owls were and who they belonged to. She then told Blaze to fly to Hogwarts. Mrs Martins let Jess say a proper good bye to Shane, "Now, Shane, you be a good owl boy. I'll see you soon!"

Then Mrs Martins sent Shane to Hogwarts also.

Jessica went round her friend, Harriet's house, to cheer her self up. Just before she left her mum told her to not say anything about being a witch.

"Sure, mum, I won't tell a soul, promise!" And with that, Jessica left to see Harriet.



Harriet opened the door and they both greeted each other. Harriet dragged Jess to her new bed room. "Look Jessie! I had it refurnished, it looks a lot better now right?"

Harriet's bed room had long black curtains around the window, a black carpet, a hot pink rug with jet black stripes, a hot pink paint covering her walls with lots of pictures of pop artists, her bed had a 1D cover and pillow case. Jessica was more of a sporty girl than a music one and she despised her new room, she preferred her old room. But she still nodded her head, very slowly anyway.

"OK, so I know your brill at keeping secrets so..." Began Jessica.

"So?" Repeated Harriet.

"I... Am... A... A... A..."


"A... witch" Jessica mumbled.

"A who now?"

"A witch..."

"Witch?" Harriet sniggered. "AHHAHAH THAT'S SO STUPID!!! You and your jokes crack me up Jess!"

"Ahah yeah 'course I do!" Jessica played along.

Jessica decided to go back home at 7:28, "I'll get my mum to drive you home if you want, Jessie?"

"Nah, I'm good, it's only a few minutes walk."

"You sure?"


"You haven't been acting like your self recently, Jessie. But then again, everyone changes at secondary."

"Actually I'm going to a better school, so is Oli."

"Oh. What school?"

"A Private school. For really smart people." Lied Jessica.

"Oliver is smart? I thought he was just real lazy! Well surprises come all the time, unexpected, don't they?"

"Sure do!" Laughed Jess. "Bye then, see you soon!"

"Yeah. See you later, Jessie!" Harriet shut the door.

On the way home, Jess put in her earphones and switched on her Ipod, EVANSTAR's new song, I won't regret, was playing. Although she disliked music, music is a part of everyone's life, so she liked to listen to some rock every now and then.




"OLIVER! JESSICA! STEVE! Get up! school's today!" Shouted Mrs Martins.

Steve woke up from his now ruined sleep, he checked his clock: 9:30, 1st September. He got dressed for work, Mr Martins worked at a Dominoes restaurant, he made pizzas there. He had to leave in one hour.

Oliver groaned and hid under his cover, until his Mum yelled at him again, this was the daily routine for Oliver on a school day.

Jessica got up happily, but only because she knew she was a witch now. Her Mum opened the door, about to tell her to get up, but Jessica was already half dressed. I knew she would like being a witch. Thought Mrs Martins, she walked back downstairs and toasted some bread for everyone's breakfast.

Before Oliver quickly got dressed, he sped through three levels of Cut The Rope on his Iphone. When he finally was ready he came downstairs just in time to snatch the first two slices of toast that popped from the toaster, he covered his breakfast in strawberry jam, then he cut off the crust, and ate.

Jessica walked down the stairs neatly but quickly and took the next two slices of toast, covered them in peanut butter and ate.

Mr Martins came down stairs and ignored his breakfast, he wasn't hungry. Instead of breakfast, Mr Martins headed to the TV in the living room, where he watched Top Gear.

Oliver had finished his breakfast and looked like he just walked through a pigsty, so his Mum sorted him out, then took his and Jess' plates, and washed them up.

Jessica had kept her self looking neat and tidy.

Jessica, Oliver and Mrs Martins all joined Mr Martins in the living room, Mrs Martins switched channel to the weather "-In this area down here around wales at midnight today. So other than wales everywhere else will be nice and sunny all through the day."

"Ooo, sunny for us, bad luck wales!" Mrs Martins often spoke to the TV.

Oliver took the remote off of Mrs Martins and put on Top Gear, but the end credits had just then started, so he put Doctor who on, it had just began.

"Mum, this episode is so cool, it's called the bells of Saint John!"

Mrs Martins told everyone to get in the car an hour later, so the children said goodbye to their Dad.


They had finally arrived at Kings Cross Station, and Oliver mumbled to him self about nine and three quarters. "Mum there is no such thing as nine and three quarters?"

"Just there you see?"

But all Jessica saw was James and his family with some other people, probably friends. Jessica ran up to James and said hello, James said hello back and introduced everyone, "Everyone! This is Jessica! Jessica this is Albus, Rose and Scorpius. They are Albus' friends."

"My brother over there is Oliver."

Mrs Martins walked over with Oliver and was pushing Jess' trolley. She introduced herself as well as Oliver.

"Now Jess run into that wall, and take your trolley." Ordered Mrs Martins.

"ARE YOU MENTAL?!" Screamed Jess, but all of her new friends and friends' parents were laughing, they had been told about all of this stuff.

"Uh, I'll go first then, bye Mum and Dad, see you in a bit, Albus!" Scorpius ran through the wall as his parents waved at him.

Soon all other kids had followed after, including Oliver. So Jessica ran too, followed by Mrs Martins to wave her and her brother off.

On the train Jessica sat with Oliver, Albus and Scorpius. James was sitting with friends in his year.

The train ride was quick and they all soon arrived by a river. Jessica saw James by a big, old person, "Hagrid! You are still here! My Dad, Harry Potter, was amazed to here that when I joined Hogwarts last year!" Said James.

"Ah good ol' 'arry!" Replied Hagrid.

Jessica ran back up to her friends and Oliver. She partnered up with Albus and Rose in her boat and they paddled to their new school.

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