the amazing school of witchcraft and wizardry!



1. Owls

Jessica came downstairs from her room to eat her slice of toast but to Jessicas surprise there was an owl, a big one, sitting on her toast. She took one step back, but then another owl came in and landed next to the first. The second owl was on the tip of Jess' glass of orange juice, it was there like that for a few seconds until the glass tipped, spilled all over her school blouse, then smashed onto the floor. Both owls flapped around the room like mad, until a third owl entered.

Jessica noticed that all of the owls were carrying a letter. So she carefully walked up to get the letter but then that owl started acting up with the others. She ran out into the living room, shut the door. Then Jess ran to wake up her parents.

Jess mentioned the owls with letters then both parents sat up.

They ran to the kitchen, to catch the owls, get the letters, and shoo the owls. It took a lot longer then they expected but they managed to get them. One of them was addressed to Jessica the other two were for her brother, Oliver.

Jess' letter read:


Headmaster: Nevil Longbottom

Jessica giggled at her new head masters sir name

Dear Miss Martins,

We are pleased to inform you that you have a place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment. Term begins on 1 September. We await your owl by no later than 31 July.

Yours sincerely,

Tabitha Monday

Deputy Headmistress

Mr and Mrs Martins both smiled at Oliver and Jessica. "Not that I really care mum, but my 11+ test is tomorrow." Moaned Jess.

"You won't have to do it, we've found you a better school. Both of you. LETS GO SHOPPING!!!" Screamed Jess' mum.

"does this mean i'm a-" Oliver and Jess said at the same time.

"THAT'S SO COOL!!!" Jessica screamed out really loud

Oliver removed his hands from his ears, attached them to his pockets and said, "I don't wanna go shopping."



Mr Martin followed after Mrs Martins, as he was not a Wizard unlike his wife, who was a Witch.

Mrs Martins lead her children to a large, old shop called Olivanders.

"Mum, where exactly are we?" Asked Jessica.

"This street is called Diagon Alley" Answered Mrs Martins


"No. Diagon... Alley."


"And this shop we are in is called Olivanders. The great Harry Potter got his first wand here, and so did I!"

"Mum? Who's Harry Potter?"

"Well, Jess. Harry Potter defeated the strongest baddie, The Dark Lord, Voldemort."

"Cool. So he saved us all?"

"Yes, and he saved your school."

Oliver and Jessica were fifth in line. A young boy, behind Jess, stared at Jess. Mrs Martins moved up two spaces closer to Olivanders' shop keeper.

The Young boy had an older brotherr. His older brother nudged him and whispered in his ear, "Stop staring, it's rude." The older brother moved his eyes towards where his younger brother was staring, a girl, who we know as Jess. "Seriously. Are you in love all ready, Albus?"

Albus stopped staring and answered with a very shy, "No way, nuh uh, never ever, not me!" then He shoved his older brother. Unfortunately he shoved his brother into Jessica. The older brother panicked when Jess turned, he ended up saying, "I'm so, so sorry, my annoying little brother pushed me. I'm James by the way. And you are?"

Jessica blushed at James and said, "um, I am Jessica, Jessica Martins. Nice to meet you."

Jessica was in love, and Albus knew that fact, he got angry.

"James Potter."

Albus dragged James back and mumbled, "What are you doing? she's mine!"

"You are way too late, she loves me" then James stuck out his tongue at Albus.

This made Albus really angry but he calmed himself down.

"Mum, Mum! I think I just met a Potter!" Cried Jess.

Jess' Mum turned to see, "Ooo lucky you!"

"Ahem. Excuse me?" said Mr Olivander. Mr Martins tapped on Mrs Martins shoulder.

"Oh, yes. Hello Mr Olivander! Don't suppose you remember me?"

Mr Olivander stared for a while but then shook his head.

"Kassandra Martins? Well back then I was a Kassandra Miles."

Mr Olivander's old, shaky mouth spoke, "Ah yes, I remember you. I swear, I had to buy a new everything"

"Ah hah hah!" Mrs Martins laughed. "Yes, this is my husband, Steve, he's a muggle. These are my children, Oliver and Jessica, they're here for a wand please."

"They aren't going to destroy all of my stuff like you did are they? That one day cost me a fortune!" Mr Olivander joked. "Well come over here young man."

Oliver walked slowly forward, he wasn't use to all of this magicky stuff. "My name is Oliver Martins." He slouched.

"Well take your hands out of your pockets, Oli, and don't slouch" Mr Martins complained. Oliver did as he was told, and Mr Olivander climbed up a ladder and nearly tripped.

"Oops! be careful!" Cried Mrs Martins.

"Yes it's so high up." Mr Olivander Opened a small draw and picked up a wand from inside. He then clambered back down the ladder and told Oliver to give it a wave.

Oliver swished his wand. His wand was perfect for him, "Ah yes, thought so, the Hungarian Horntail dragon core is the one best for you." Muttered Mr Olivander.

"Now a wand for you... Jazz? Jess?"

"Jess." Jess replied, bravely.

Jess swooshed a wand, a book fell onto Mr Olivander.

"OUCH! Ahem, that's okay, it happens often." And he swapped wands.

Jess gave another swoosh, nothing smashed. "Unicorn tail hair core." Muttered Mr Olivander.

Jess' Dad handed Mr Olivander money but he refused it. Then Mrs Martins gave the correct amount of wizarding money.

"Bye James!" Jessica and James both waved, Albus waved too but was not noticed by Jess.

Harry Potter scuffled Albus' hair and whispered, "she'll see you soon, especially as James is older and will be in different classes as you both. Don't worry."

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