the amazing school of witchcraft and wizardry!



7. More owls

"Troll face." Scorpius whispered to the painting door.

Before the painting door opened she said, "hmm, you are a Hufflepuff."

"Hey! I said the damn password!"

"Yes... Would you like to hear me sing first?"

"No. Thanks anyway?"

"HHAAAAHHHHH" She sang in a very high pitch. Scorpius had to cover his ears, and it still wasn't enough. "Now would you like to- oops."

The painting door opened, it was Jessica, she was wet and was covered with a towel, "hey lady, he said the password right? Right. So let him in!"

"Jess, can't you just-"

Jessica had shut the door.

"Fine, fine, come in then." The painting lady door opened. Scorpius walked in. Jessica was nowhere to be seen, but she came out just a second ago? He sat down on the sofa.

Rose came downstairs with a candle, she was still dressed in her nightie, her hair was way more messy than it usually was. She yawned, stood next to the sofa, this is so not worth three Galleons..., "Jessica is having a shower, but you can listen to some music and blah blah blah"

"ROSE, GET ON WITH IT!" Rose and Scorpius both heard Jessica in her shower.

"Here, some music, books." She put on music, and threw him books.

"Uh... How long will Jessica be?" Asked Scorpius.

"Why don't you go and ask her?!" Rose stormed off, back to bed.

"ROSE!!! SCORPIUS NO. JUST STAY!" Shouted Jessica.

"Rose? I don't really think I should."

"Just puh-lease, let me sleep!" Said Rose.

Scorpius shut up, and waited. He waited some more. Then more, before he noticed an owl, right on top of the fireplace. He looked around and saw four more owls, one by the stairs heading for the girls rooms, one by the stairs for the boys bed rooms, one on a chess board, and one on the window sil, with the window wide open. Scorpius walked up to the window and shooed the owl away. The owl just moved to be next to the owl on the chess board.

Scorpius sat back down and decided to ignore them, and it worked.

He heard the sound of a hair dryer turn on.

Soon after, the hair dryer noise stopped.

Then Jessica walked downstairs, "wow." Said Scorpius.

"Thanks." Jessica stuck out her tongue.

The boys' stairs were creaky, and both Scorpius and Jess looked for a minute, then Jessica noticed the owls, "are they spying on us?"

"Doesn't matter. Look I brought ice cream!"

Jessica and Scorpius ate from the tub of ice cream. But they heard the Boys' stairs creak again.

A shadowy figure ran towards Scorpius and tried to strangle him, but then Jessica quickly used impedimenta on the figure.

He bashed his head against the window sil, the owls all fled. It was only when Scorpius was about to throw a large punch at the figure, that Jessica knew who it was, "STOP!!!"

Everyone stared. "Scorpius... It's Albus... Albus, what are you doing?"

Albus looked away in disgust and said, "You can do way more better than him. You rub it in everyone's faces. Are we remembering that his dad was a member of the dark arts? He and his dad are idiots!"

Scorpius stood back up, but Jessica held him.

Albus rushed to get back up then ran and hit Scorpius' nose, "Oww! My nose! I think it's broken!"

Jessica kicked Albus over, then she went over and had a proper look at Scorpius' nose. "Oooh, we need to get you to the hospital right now!"

"But what will they say? They won't be happy at all to see I was here, AND it's past bed time!"

Jessica glared at Albus, he smirked as he rubbed his head.

More people came down, this time from the girls' and the boys' bed rooms.

They all gathered around and shouted fight, but Rose and James tried to help Albus. "What's wrong with you two!? Jessica? Scorpius?" Said Rose.

"EVERYONE SHUT UP!!!" James shouted but the room was only silent for a few seconds.

Albus and Scorpius both ran up at each other, they threw mean spells and hard punches.

Then suddenly the headmaster burst through the doors. Then everyone went silent, and stayed that way. Professor Longbottom stared at the young witches and wizards. Finally a prefect sent them back to bed saying there was nothing to see here. The only people in the room now were Albus, Scorpius and Jessica. Both boys were bleeding terribly and collapsed, Jessica ran to Scorpius, but a professor behind the headmaster dragged her back.




The next morning Jessica woke up. She wasn't in her normal bed, she was in the hospital on a hospital bed, she saw the headmaster with other people, one of them was professor Slughorn, "professor Slughorn. Next time could you please check to see if everyone has thrown away their love potions?"

Professor Slughorn nodded, then the head master got half way through another sentence before noticing Jessica was eaves dropping, The group of professors walked somewhere where they could talk in privet.

Jessica looked up at the ceiling and thought. She couldn't remember much. But she groaned when she remembered she had kissed Scorpius.

Jessica turned to look at Scorpius on her right side, he was sleeping still. Jessica remembered it all. She now hated both Scorpius and Albus. She groaned. A lot.

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