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5. Love potion

"Welcome, class, to your first flying lesson, these lessons will only be taught to first years. Now, two lines, put your broomsticks on the ground next to you!" Ordered Madame Hooch. Everyone did as they were told, Albus stood next to Jessica and Rose.

"Now you must stick your hand out over it, tell your broomstick, up!" Madame Hooch's broomstick flew up to her hand.

"Up!.. UP..." Ordered Albus, obviously he did not inherite his Dad's flying skills

"Third time lucky, Albus? Up!" Rose's Broomstick came up straight away.

"UP!!!! C'MON UP UP UP!!!"

"Perhaps not."

Jessica's broomstick came up straight away too.

"Well done girls!" Madame Hooch was watching everyone carefully, "Albus, I take it you have no flying skills, unlike you Dad."

Albus groaned, but he was not going to give up to a broomstick, "UP UP UP UP UP UP UP UP!!!!!" No luck "UP NOW!!" finally the broomstick did as Albus told it. Albus held his broomstick and looked around the field, he saw some one laughing at him through a window. It was his brother James, James had inherited His Dad's Quidditch skills, he was the goalie for Gryffindor's team. Albus saw a teacher come by and she slapped James' head, that made Albus laugh back.

Albus kept looking around, he saw someone from Ravenclaw's house give up, the boy looked around to see if anyone was looking, he signed a shh at Albus, then he picked up his broomstick.


"OK, class, most of you did very well, but don't worry if you did not,".

Albus looked at the Ravenclaw boy.

"Because this is new, it will be a challenge, unless you practice at home."

Albus looked at Rose, Rose stuck out her tongue.


Fourty minutes later (Yes it took twenty whole minutes for evryone to get their broomsticks to up.), Madame Hooch said, "Well done class, I'm proud of you all, off you go!" The class scattered around to get to other friends from different houses.

"Is it break yet Rose?" Asked Albus, as Him, Rose and Jessica walked to the common rooms to put their broomsticks back.



"Troll face!" said Jessica, and the painting door opened.

The three walked in, put the broomsticks in their rooms then met again in the common room, "Chess!" Rose ran up to Tiger, who was waiting for someone to play chess with.

Like always, Rose won.




"Come in, come in, don't be scared!" said professor Slughorn. Professor Slughorn made a seating plan, Jessica sat next to Scorpius, Rose sat next to Sissy, from Hufflepuff, and Albus sat next to Coral.

On a table just in front of Rose, was Bastian and Griffin, Rose had a crush on Bastian but an even bigger crush on Griffin, the most popular boy in Gryffindor, both boys were in Gryffindor.

"Now, today we are going to make love potions! The books have been edited so there should be no mistakes in the making, is everyone clear?"

The class all chorused, "Yes, Professor!"

"Books are in the cupboard, so off you go!"

The entire class rushed to the cupboard, but Albus got there first and was looking for the half blood prince's book, which Harry once had, but he then remembered, his Mum and Dad had hid it.

Everyone sat back down with their new books, looked for the page then started gathering equipment.


Scorpius poured in the last ingredient then he walked over with his potion to show Professor Slughorn, he investigated the potion, "perfect!"

Jessica walked up with her potion also. "Not quite as good, but you could kill ants with this, never mind."

everyone except Scorpius threw their potions away like they were told.

"Well done, now shoo, off to your next classes!"

Once again the classes shifted.

"Wait! Uh... Jessica!" Scorpius called for Jessica.

"C'mon Jess, we'll be late!" Said Albus.

Jessica walked up to Scorpius, "I'll be there in a bit guys, you go on."

Scorpius gave Jessica a drink "pumpkin juice I don't really like it." Lied Scorpius, the drink was the potion he had just made.

Jessica thought this was weird but she took the drink, "thanks? I'll drink it at Lunch, we are going to Hogsmeade meet us outside our next class, it's just there."

Jessica and Scorpius separated, and headed for their classes.

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