I'm heartbroken, what about you?

Celia's boyfriend Jason suddenly shows up at school and looked very weird.
He used to look like a big nerd, but now he has nice clothes and he doesn't have his little cute glasses.
He acts weird too. After math class she asks him why he acts so weird. Now the bad news came.
Jason looks her in the eyes and says: "I was with Terri"
Her world fell apart! But her world turned out to be just fine, after she met Alex.
He's very beautiful and a lovely boy. But perhaps he wasn't the love of her life?


2. The new boy


At lunch time I talk to Jason, but he doesn't listen.

He checks all the girls out, and I yell at him.

Jason stops and all in the cafeteria looks at me.

I blush and runs out to my locker.

I think I can stand at my locker alone and eat my food, but people comes over and yells at me, because they think they're funny.

I don’t think they're funny!

Jason comes too and this time he listens to me.

I'm curious to hear why he's that way.

He tells me he has done something really bad.

I'm scared!

What could he have done?

Killed somebody?Did he hit some of the popular kids?

There's a lot of things!

The moment come when he says: I was with Terri.

My world falls apart!

My little nerdy boyfriend, who isn’t even hot or beautiful, but beautiful inside, was with another girl.

I hit him and run away.

I'm so sad!

How could he?

He always told me he loved me so much, and that I was the best thing he ever had.

But that was clearly a lie!

I always said the same to him. Of course I loved him, so badly!

I believed you when you said you loved me.

But you don’t.

You cheated on me.

I can’t forgive you!

I’m crying and running at the same time.

I run into a boy.

I've never seen him before, but he’s cute!

He sees that I’m crying and asks why.

I answer: I broke up with my…boyfriend…or ex boyfriend.

Strangely enough, he hugs me.

I’m just like, what the heck is he doing, but it’s kind of nice.

He asks me “Is there something I can do?”

“No, I’m fine”, I say.

He then says the most beautiful thing I've ever heard a boy say. ” I know you’re not. I live with my mom and three sisters. I know they’re not okay when they say I’m okay

I laugh and smile.

The bell rings and I say that I have to go to class.

”Hey, what’s your name?” I ask him.

“My name is Alex. What about you?”


I turn around and go to class with a smile on my face.

I'm in English class with my best friend, Lissie Nohar.

I’m trying to whisper what happened but Miss Wikilopu hears me.

She gives me a detention.

After English I have physics, and then......Oh, damn....I have to go to detention.

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