I'm heartbroken, what about you?

Celia's boyfriend Jason suddenly shows up at school and looked very weird.
He used to look like a big nerd, but now he has nice clothes and he doesn't have his little cute glasses.
He acts weird too. After math class she asks him why he acts so weird. Now the bad news came.
Jason looks her in the eyes and says: "I was with Terri"
Her world fell apart! But her world turned out to be just fine, after she met Alex.
He's very beautiful and a lovely boy. But perhaps he wasn't the love of her life?


5. Getting ready for school


Beep, beep, beep!

Arh! School again.

I don’t want to get up so early but I want to see Alex, and make Jason jealous.

I hope Terri will dump him.

In one weekend Jason changed.

Did he change because of Terri?

Perhaps Terri didn’t like nerd Jason, but think he’s hot without glasses.

I think I’ll ask him later at school.

Jade and Maine Dateen need to know I’m with Alex too.

They’re like my best friends, so I’ll tell them,  Lissie are my best friend, so that’s the reason she got to know it first.

I get my prettiest pastel blue dress on and my white shoes.

If I should ask myself, I would say I'm the most beautiful girl  on earth.

Yeah, it's true, but people don't think that.

I'm actually glad people don't think of me like a beauty queen or a total snob.

I want people to think of me like a nice clever pretty girl.

They already do actually. 

I have won many awards at school for my intelligence and my generosity.

The teachers love me, but the students don't like me that much.

Me and Jason were one.

We had so much in common, but now it feels like we both have changed.

He had changed because of Terri, and I have changed because of him and Alex.

My room always look so amazing! 

I can't.

I just can't.

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