I'm heartbroken, what about you?

Celia's boyfriend Jason suddenly shows up at school and looked very weird.
He used to look like a big nerd, but now he has nice clothes and he doesn't have his little cute glasses.
He acts weird too. After math class she asks him why he acts so weird. Now the bad news came.
Jason looks her in the eyes and says: "I was with Terri"
Her world fell apart! But her world turned out to be just fine, after she met Alex.
He's very beautiful and a lovely boy. But perhaps he wasn't the love of her life?


3. Detention

It's my first detention.

I’m nervous!

I’ve always been that nice clever little girl.

And now I’m in detention!

It’s kind of awkward.

I really don’t know what to do or say.

Room 47.

I walk through the door and everyone is staring at me. At me.

Why me? The only good thing that happened today were that I met Alex!

I think they’re staring at me because I’ve never been to detention before, but who cares?

Oh my God, who am I kidding? I care!

“Miss Lontes? Miss Lontes? Celia!?” says Miss Ritoy, the detention teacher.

“Uhm…Yeah”, I say quickly.

“You have been standing there in a few minutes now. Is there something wrong?” Miss Ritoy asks.

“No, I’m fine”, I say.

When I think about it, I’m not so sad anyway.

My boyfriend cheated on me, I’ve been laughed at, and I've got my first detention.

I don’t seem to be so sad and unhappy, I’m actually happy..

I’m sure it’s because I have a little crush on Alex, though I don’t know him yet.

I would love to know him better!

“No, I’m great!” I answer.

“Great then. You can sit down now”

I give her a little smile back, just to be polite, but I really don’t want to be nice to her!

She humiliated me in front of the whole detention class!

Well, I actually did.

I don’t know particularly many people here in this room.

Except, Jake Holtten.

The hot quarterback from the football team.

Every girls dream.

I had a boyfriend, so he wasn’t my dream, but he is pretty!

I don’t get why he doesn’t have a girlfriend.

Maybe he’s gay? Or maybe he's just waiting on the perfect girl.

In a movie I’ll probably be he’s girlfriend, but this is not a movie. And it's fine anyway.

I don’t know if I want to be his girlfriend.

By the way he doesn’t even know my name, so I don’t have a chance.

I’m sitting right behind him.

Great! He turns around. Of course!

“Hey, Weakly Celaly, right?”

“No! Do people call me that?” I ask him.

“That’s not your name? Oh, I’m sorry then” he answers.

“It’s okay, I don’t care” I say.

Why Weakly Celaly? Am I weak? I don’t hope so.

“But why are you talking to me? Are you sure you allowed to do that?" I say trying not to sound too rude. "Maybe the other guys will think you suck if they see you talking to me."

“Uh, they’re okay with that. And I just think you look very pretty today” he says.

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