Met You By A Chance

17-year-old Kim is a huge Bieber fan but when she runs into him by chance, she doesn't know what to do. She and Justin fall in love but Kim also has her high school jock BF. As she deals with the paparazzi from her new best friend and deals with every day high school problems, she can never really get things under control.


4. Well...Bye?

   Kim's POV

What can I do to patch this up? Why won't he look at me? What is happening? What's wrong with me?!?! Why can't I just be normal? I start to stand. Swoosh! I hear something behind me. When I turn I see a huge piece of wood hurtling towards me. I hear someone scream. Wait was that me? Something hard hits my head and I collapse. The last word I remember saying was a meek little "Help" and then I was senseless.


Justin's POV

Swoosh! "Ahhhhhh!" Bang! "help". Wait what just happened? I turn towards Kim to see if she is still there and see a plank of wood stained with blood on the ground. My eyes trace the trail the blood left back to Kim. No. She has a gash across her face that is bleeding badly. She's passed out and barley breathing. I kneel down, "Kim! You have to be alive! You have to!" I scream. I probably  just blew our cover and the paparazzi might have heard. At the moment it was the least of my worries. I took out my black, sleek phone and dialed in Phil my driver's number. With my free hand, I took my thin sweatshirt and ripped it in half. I tied it tightly around her wound. "Phil? Get here right now! It's an emergency!" I screamed into the phone probably bursting Phil's eardrum. I hung up the phone before he could answer. Next I dialed 9-1-1. "Hello this is 9-1-1 what's your emergency?" Said a female voice. "My friend got hit by a flying plank of wood and it hit her head. It's bleeding badly and she has passed out. She's hardly even breathing!" I couldn't keep the tears from coming out. I know we had just met but I felt a connection with Kim on a different level. She was so down to earth and funny. Not to mention she was the most beautiful girl I'd ever seen and ever will see. "We will be right with you what's your location?" Said the woman again. I told her the address. Minutes later I was in the hospital with a dying girl.


kim's POV


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