Met You By A Chance

17-year-old Kim is a huge Bieber fan but when she runs into him by chance, she doesn't know what to do. She and Justin fall in love but Kim also has her high school jock BF. As she deals with the paparazzi from her new best friend and deals with every day high school problems, she can never really get things under control.


1. Met You By A Chance-Kim

I catch my breath. I can't help but gape at him. He stands at least 6 ft away. My heart starts racing as I fix my hair without thinking. He's really here. Justin Bieber is really here. I compose my self and take a deep breath. I don't want to look like just another crazed fan. I see him staring at me with curious eyes. I tear my eyes away unwillingly and start walking away. I hear footsteps behind me. I realize that I had drooped my phone and start to turn around. He was there. Right in front of my face. Justin held out my phone for me and said, "You dropped this" with his famous smile. His voice sounds like velvet. "Thanks!" I squeaked. I held out my hand and managed to say "My name is Kim" ugh what an idiot I am! He didn't bother saying his name of course. I already knew it.

Justin Bieber:

When I had first seen her, my first thoughts were "Wow she is beautiful". She looked intimidated just like the rest of them. She turned around dropping her IPhone but she didn't seem to notice. I was confused. No girl ever walked away from me. EVER. I picked up her phone and rushed after her. All of a sudden like she had noticed she no longer held her phone she turned around. Her pale blue eyes stared right into mine. Her skin was so pale you would have never known she lived in L.A. Her dark hair swished behind her. Beautiful...
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