Met You By A Chance

17-year-old Kim is a huge Bieber fan but when she runs into him by chance, she doesn't know what to do. She and Justin fall in love but Kim also has her high school jock BF. As she deals with the paparazzi from her new best friend and deals with every day high school problems, she can never really get things under control.


3. Awkward...

Kim's POV

I felt so bad! I really did want to kiss him but I couldn't! I'd been cheated on before and I don't want my boyfriend, Xander, to have to feel that. Although I admit that I'm not really into Xander, I can't just end it like that. Before we were a couple, me and Xander were best friends so it's not like I could hurt him like that.


As I walked down the school halls, I heard someone following me. Definitely a girl, assuming those were high-heels. "KIM! KIM! KIM!" I recognize that voice.... Oh it's Ali. Ali is my second-best friend. What now? I thought to myself. I turned around causing Ali to run straight into me. We both fell to the ground laughing. "Kim! Guess what?!?!" Said Ali obviously excited. "I'm too tired for the guessing games Ali, just spill" I moaned. "He's going to do it! Today! XANDER IS GOING TO FINALLY ASK YOU OUT!!!!!!!" Ali screamed. I covered her mouth. We got a few stares and realized we hadn't stood up yet. I gathered my stuff and Ali did the same. I grabbed her wrist and shoved her into the girl's bathroom. "No" I said firmly. I didn't like Xander that way. She gave me a weird look I couldn't read and walked out of the bathroom. I followed her out and went to my locker. Later on that day, Xander texted me.

From Xander:
Do u want to go out with me on Fri?

I was shocked. Ali had told me but I hadn't believed it.

To Xander:
Like a d8?

From Xander:

I didn't know what to do. I panicked and ended up saying:

To Xander:


I wanted him to kiss me again so badly.

Justin's POV

.....She has to be mine.....
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