Syndi lives with her parents in a normal house normal village but when she discovers a key and a door in her loft her world turns upside down literally


2. key


After school Syndi was sent to the loft to find some ancient cds belonging to her Mum. It was dark. Dusty. Gloomy but out of the corner of her eye Syndi saw a door not resting on something but fixed in the wall. A squeak came from the corner of the room and something clattered to the floor. Syndi switched the light on and saw her key lying on the floor and muddy footprints on the floor boards...

It fitted and she opened it and inside wassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss... 


Wait a second nothing happened Syndi you don't need to scream yet. But something had something was wrong Syndi went downstairs mo she didnt she went up stairs. Syndi went outside and birds were flying into trees. Her world had turned upside down. "Oh well!" Syndi went inside and got herself a bourbon biscuit


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