Syndi lives with her parents in a normal house normal village but when she discovers a key and a door in her loft her world turns upside down literally


1. Grate

Crunching on a bourbon biscuit Syndi peered out of the window at the glistening rain pitter pattering on the patio. In the distance she could hear an ambulance siren whirring. The bread she had been baking smelt delicious. A crumb from her biscuit dropped to the carpeted floor and as she bent down to pick it up a noise came from the chimney, her mother hadnt heard it as she was working at the sewing machine. As she peered up the chimney she could have sworn that something glinted in the grate...  "A key?" she questioned the grate.


Later the next day Syndi sat in her German class listening to miss whats her name waffling about something or other. It was still raining (as usual) and a 'BANG' of thunder signalled a storm was on its way. A crack of lightning. And the lights were out. Screams came from her side and then a door slamed. " My key! It was here two seconds ago I swear Miss. Someone must have stolen it. You must have heard the door slam and the silent scamper of feet!" Syndi stood at her teachers heels with a confused look on her face. " Im not going to fall for this one Syndi  we all remember last time I believed you and when I left the room you attempted murder!" Her teacher said sternly. " I wouldnt of actually killed him would I!" Syndi pleaded. 

After school Syndi was sent to the loft to find some ancient cds belonging to her Mum. It was dark. Dusty. Gloomy but out of the corner of her eye Syndi saw a door not resting on something but fixed in the wall. A squeak came from the corner of the room and something clattered to the floor. Syndi switched the light on and saw her key lying on the floor and muddy footprints on the floor boards...

It fitted and she opened it and inside wassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss... 


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