hi im holly and im 18 i work in asda with my mum just until i can afford to move to london with my twin sister hannah. hannah and i are really close and know eachother really well...well thats what i thought what has hapend to her london has changed her... or maybe its these new "friends" she is always talking about? i suppose i will meet them soon when i go to live with her for the summer.





shes gone.. ive lost her why didnt i just tell her who i was becuase at least then she wouldnt hate me.. or maybe she would maybe she hates one direction. i can still hear the fans sreeeming and hitting the door. i opened it to see at least 1 hundred girls cramed into the small court yard and alley leading to the front drive just then our of no where a umbrella came flying out of no where towards me i let out a screem then it all went back...


i was halfway up the elevator when i heard a loud screem it shounded like harry finally what felt like hours wich was actually seconds the doors opened to a women tall with brown hair curly like mine its my sister! i then threw my arms around her with my luggage next to me then i remembered "HARRY!" i yelled i then ran down the stairs leaving my luggage with my sister hannah. when i finally reached the gound floor to where the back door we came threw was i saw harry sat on a chair with what looked like body guards at the door and a woman with blonde hair which reached her lower back holding a bag of peas on his head they were talking in a low voice. harry didnt look to happy she was even breathing never mind there he rolled his eyes and frowed when she was talking then they were kissing...WHAT?! i small tear escaped my eye but before i had the chance to wipe it away harry and that thing had finished cleaning eachothers mouths out he say the tear and got up only to be told to sit again because he went white in the face and looked like he was about to faint

"holly ..."

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