hi im holly and im 18 i work in asda with my mum just until i can afford to move to london with my twin sister hannah. hannah and i are really close and know eachother really well...well thats what i thought what has hapend to her london has changed her... or maybe its these new "friends" she is always talking about? i suppose i will meet them soon when i go to live with her for the summer.




im in a taxi with ella danny and megan on the way to town. we have just pulled up outside newlook im laughing with danny while ella is paying the nice taxi man. *RING RING* we are all looking through

"ITS MINE" i looked at caller id it was unknown?


"hello is this lucy?"

"erm yes why who is this?"

"this is rob i am a police officer is it possible if you could come here to talkto your sister because shes so young to go to the station on her own"

"WHAT HAS SHE DONE!? im on my way"

"we will explain when you get here see you later" i put my phone down and im now walking over to the taxi cab driver.

"excuse me im so sorry but please can you run me over to mandys the cafe?"

"sure love get in"

i flashed a the guys a *im sorry* look and they gave my a confused / reasuring look.

we got to the cafe in under 10 mins i walked in to see security everywhere and someone opening the back door but before i could see who it was my sister caught my eye sat in the corner slumped in her chair

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