hi im holly and im 18 i work in asda with my mum just until i can afford to move to london with my twin sister hannah. hannah and i are really close and know eachother really well...well thats what i thought what has hapend to her london has changed her... or maybe its these new "friends" she is always talking about? i suppose i will meet them soon when i go to live with her for the summer.


9. there not directioners..


i ran over to where louis was lay and threw my self to the floor to i was in level with him the boys all had a tear in their eyes. my worry and sadness turned to anger when i looked at liam and asked.

"what happend to him."

"a "fan"" he said while doing bunny ears with his fingers

i got up and wipped my tears that were falling and walked up to security. my face was inches from theirs so i could feel his warm breath and spat through my teeth.

"you  call yourself our fucking security your nothing but a scared little boy in a costume."

he just looked at my i then walked other to liam and asked him where it happend and what happend he then explained.

"a girl threw a brick at the window where louis was stood talking to a fan and the brick hit his head the girl in is the cafe no with the police the older sister is picking her up."

i then gave liam a slight nod and walked out the door leading to where the girl was stood.

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