hi im holly and im 18 i work in asda with my mum just until i can afford to move to london with my twin sister hannah. hannah and i are really close and know eachother really well...well thats what i thought what has hapend to her london has changed her... or maybe its these new "friends" she is always talking about? i suppose i will meet them soon when i go to live with her for the summer.


6. talking to hannah for the first time in ages :)

Harrys POV

"oh okay"

i then started to walk towards the elevater my head is still throbbing but seeing her smile takes all that pain away. i turned back to see she hadnt followed me but went towards the stairs. i gave her a very confused look but she just said

"i need to think .. ill meet you up there"

i nodded my head and gave her a smile then i got into the elevator and pressed the button for the pent house.

" she needs to think what about?"

"what did emma say to her?"

i didnt relise i was talking out loud until paul who was stood behind me said

"i dont know but dont get your heart broken"

"sorry paul"

"its fine hazza i just worry about you"

i then stepped out into the penthouse where i heard hannah and holly talking they were saying.


hannah and i were having  a chat on what ive been upto

hannah "so sis hows joey?" she said with a wink

me "haha funny han but no i broke up with him"

hannah " aww babe what happend?"

me " it doesnt matter"

hannah "well then if your single and ready to mingle we are going clubing tonight ;)"

i then heard the door creak hannah and i stared at the door until we saw harry apear he then said

"hey han"

"hi haz"

he tryed his best to avoid eye contact with me. hannah obviously noticed because she asked harry

"whats going on with you and holly?"

he just looked at the floor and headed towards the kitchen

hannah then followed him.


i followed harry into the kitchen where i saw him looking threw the cupboard for food.


he took a big breath in and carried on looking in the cupboard

"harry?! whats happend?!" i asked him again

he then grabbed a bag of ready salted crisps and tryed to walk towards the music room. well that told me for starters that proves theres somethings wrong because e usually goes to the music room to write songs about how he feels. i grabbed his elbow and pulled him to face me. i saw his eyes full of salty tears i could tell he was trying to keep them from fallig but failling as one ascaped from his eyes.

me "harry tell me whats happend"

harry "ive...ive..ive lost her.."

me "lost who harry?"

harry "........"

me "harry come on talk to me?...do you mean holly?"

harry "forget it hannah i know you hate me!"

he then got out of the grip of my hand and stomped over to the music room and slamed the door.

i then went back to where holly was sat.



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