hi im holly and im 18 i work in asda with my mum just until i can afford to move to london with my twin sister hannah. hannah and i are really close and know eachother really well...well thats what i thought what has hapend to her london has changed her... or maybe its these new "friends" she is always talking about? i suppose i will meet them soon when i go to live with her for the summer.


7. ive lost her...


i sat down on the sofa in the music room. i started to strum on nialls guitar.

the door then started to open in the door way stood holly..

"HOLLY" i practically shouted

she walked over to the red sofo oposite me. then took a deep breath in and sat there looking at the floor.

"holly please talk to me..."

"holly please i just wanted you to get to know me before meet harry styles"

"harry how could you think you could keep this for me..."

"im sor-"

"harry you dont need to say sorry"

she then got up and walked towards the door she then said

"im going to unpack do you know where my room is?"

"hasnt hannah showed you?"

"no shes gone out to meet the bboys"

"okay ill show you"

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