school life

This book is based on a true story about my time in secondary school. Laughs, tears, love the whole mix of becoming a teenager. Old friends, new friends, (maybe even boyfriends!!!).


1. Scarey hights!!

So nervous on my first day, walked to school with my mates as I will for ages. Me and saffy are the only two out of the gang in the same form, we have met other people once before but not got to properly know them. Our form tutor is really nice her name is Miss Sunflower and she is all for eco-stuff. Her fave thing to do is save the world and all that. No-one else was in school except the rest of year 7 and year 11 plus a few prefects for the form classes in year 7.

Lost saffy, got to go to form myself now, (Remind me to kill her later!!!). Aaaahhhhh pic for swipe card is AWFAL!!!! it looks like i had a squirel on my head. Found saffy she was talking to a girl named Lizzy she is really nice. i found a group of girls that seem really nice there names are Tayla, Layla, Kat and Ally. Dont no how to coup with Harley, though, he is this know it all when he really doesnt know any thing at all. This boy called josh is really fit according to Saffy but I just can't see it.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 RINNNGGGGG!!!!!! End of the day phew, walked into 4 wrong classes out of 5 classes. me and saffy are meeting at the entrance. Over in the corner is the guy who i think will haunt my dreams in a good way!!!  cameron  is sooooooo HOT!!!! I think he might be my crush but who knows probs not.


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