school life

This book is based on a true story about my time in secondary school. Laughs, tears, love the whole mix of becoming a teenager. Old friends, new friends, (maybe even boyfriends!!!).


2. finding the right person

I don't know what too think my head is all over the place... I CANT THINK STRAIT... only if I could see his face. this has been the longest weekend ever cant wait to have a catch up with the girls. *BEEP* *BEEP* its a text from Jason " hi are you ok I just wondered if you wld like 2 walk to skl wiv me?" .

arrrrrggggghhhh shall I walk to school with Jason yeah he is fit but you don't know I don't really know him that well so I reply"ok" by the way was a big mistake. on the way to school he asked me out I said no because I don't know him.

why do I feel this way about Cameron I just cant get him out of my head. Its the end of the year since Cameron is moving next door to me I am just going to ignore him! or will that seem to obvious, arrggghhh I don't know what to think, *BEEP* *BEEP* its a text from Joe. He wants to meet up but he is Cameron's  best friend. if I meet up with him what will he say.* I cant sorry meeting up with Jason bye xx*. Its the holiday so i am just going to relax...

Oh by the way I'm lexi im a average thirteen year old girl who has boy problems. By the way I look a lot older than thirteen

I love Cameron I just don't know why? 

Cameron P.O.V 

I saw lexi out my bed room window last night aww she's so sexy I can't deny it. As you can see I  really like lexi but she like Bradley the caption of the football team! Maybe I should become really good friends with Bradley and maybe she will notice me!


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