Changed my mind

Kate is an average girl you would love to hang with, but her only problem is disliking one direction, what happens when they take a small break of their famous life to continue their studies, and even better when they end up at her school will she fall for a specific member and will she be able to deal with all that hate ? Read and see what will happen ( there will be some hate from kate to one direction at the beginning of the story but please no hate i love one direction)


1. Getting to know me. ch.1

Kates p.o.v
I woke up in the morning to the sound of my annoying timer, why does it always have to wake me up at the nice part of the story ??? Ugh it's monday i have school i hated school since my parents divorced and even better my dad got married to a bitch.. Okay she isn't a bitch i just hate her for taking my daddy away from me, and for me this is a reason to call her a bitch.
Anyways.i got up and turned of my timer that was playing prencess kesha for$ha, streched a bit just like my dog named "snoopy", got into my hot pink t-shirt with my purple&black leggings and put some eyeliner and some lipgloss tied my hair in a loose ponytail put my pink converse on and went down stairs were my mom had cooked NOTHING for me !
Yeah i'm not surprised, she had always hated me since her divorece with dad and she always blamed me and when i kinda started to believe that its my fault for ruining a perfect family i know the truth the damn truth about their divorce she was fucking cheating on my dad !
When i finally knew the truth she started abusing me, hitting me cursing me making me starve one day and giving me loads of food the other, but she a
Always threatined me not to tell my dad that i only see once a week if not less because he keeps on traveling, but i can't deny she always looked like sheregrets everything thats why i didn't move to my dads and also because of school.
So i just made mu self some nutella sandwich then and i looked at the time, i still have half an hour to get to school which only took 10 minutes or less on my skateboard .. YeH you read right my skateboard i know that i'm the only girl that sticks to skateboards and hiphop dancing instead of chearleading in my school' but this sometimes attracts boys and hot ones but i never dated after my ex he showed me that all boys are dicks.
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