Changed my mind

Kate is an average girl you would love to hang with, but her only problem is disliking one direction, what happens when they take a small break of their famous life to continue their studies, and even better when they end up at her school will she fall for a specific member and will she be able to deal with all that hate ? Read and see what will happen ( there will be some hate from kate to one direction at the beginning of the story but please no hate i love one direction)


2. Ch.2

As i arrived to school i realized the big group of screaming girls on the gates trying to enter the school.oh my gosh that hurts my ears as i walked past the crazy people i realize a girl trying to BITE my hand what the hell was going on ? I rsn to the schools basketball court meating my best friends jad and sara. As i walked i just saw them laughing their asses off they definatly saw that girl biting my hand and yup thats what i guessed and i was right all they coul say between laughs was YOU... HER.... BITE....HAND......FANS.....CRAZYbut whats with the fans? I heard them say fans so i asked whos fans are they and why are they outside our school?
As jad tried to settle down sara told me the whole thing. WHAT ONE DIRECTION are coming to our school NOOO its my worst nightmare i hate them they are such dicks what the fuck came to their minds why our school ??
As sara finished her sentence the screams of the FANS got louder as a big black car that was cool but i don't know its name stopped at the gates as bodygaurds opened the cars doors revealing 5 hot guys getting out of the car and walked into the school with no crazy fans biting them with the help of their bodyguards and as they approched the basketball court some girls from my school i mean all of them ended up standing beside them forming a circle around them. Bad for me all the girls in our school were shorter then them which made me want to look at their sexy faces what am i saying i'm supposed to hate them ughh.
But i couldn't but realize the sexiest one looking at me he had curled hair and green eyes that made me wanna melt. But i didn't want to show that i cared and i gave him a look that ment: why u starin'?!!
And ad he realised i cute smileshined his beautiful face which made me wanna melt even more. As i headed away sara punched me to stay becz with no doubt she loved one direction.
But i kept going i headed to my locker i had maths first thing in the morning oh damn how i hate math the teacher is so geeky and thinks she's some big shit, i never get along with her she is so mean to me but i never shut up when she tells me omerhing that is supposed to makem me feel like a joke infront of the class but i always say something that makes her the joke and end up with a saturday detention which is on a saturday and i'm supposed to go to school and stare at the wall for a whole 8 hours.
As i entered the class 5 minutes late because i over daydreamed at my locker the tacher looked at me with madness filling her eyes she was bigger then 40 which made her uglier as i looked a side i saw that hot curled hair dude in my seat at the end i always picked it because it was at the corner at the end and i saw the empty seat beside him i didn't care for a minute as i heard miss clark my math teacher telling me were have you been your late you think you are cool by being late to class 5 minutes ?
I answered her : you know whats cool about it the cool thing is that i wouldn't have to look at your face for 5 minutes which is a good thing for today.
And as i said that and the class broke into laughs i knew i will regret it.
You little miss kate you will be punished with detention for being rude to me i heard the techer tell me as i turned my back sick of this conversation heading to my seat that was taken by that hotty curled headed.
Excuse me your in my seat i told him as i faked a smile.
Yeah i don't think so, i came here first, plus i don't see your name on it. he said with his beautiful britich accent
Fist i've been sitting here for this whole week since school started second my name is write hear which means its my desk. I said pointing on where i had wrote my name on the desk as i sat the first day of school.
Well miss kate smith you won this time he said with a smirk as he handed me his hand to shake.
Harry. Harry Styles' my name he said while getting his back and sitting on the seat next to me.
I smiled at him a small smile and went to get bored and daydreaming while the teacher was teaching about five minutes later my phone vibrated i looked at it it was a message from mom.
MOM : hey i will not be here this whole month or maybe more i'll be somewhere don't cause trouble i know i can't trust you but i have to go bye
Fuckk not again!!! i said out loud really loud which made all the class and the teacher look at me miss clirk said : kate since when did i let you say such langaude in class and why do you have a phone i think you will need to hand it to me and go to the office because i can't handle you today.
I don't give a shit leave me alone ugly bitch i told her as i took my bag and stormed to the bathroom with tears in my eyes as they just escaped i tried to wipe them of as a hand held mine i turned to see harry.
What the fuck are you doing is said
I realized that something got you mad after you read a message so i guessed you'll want someone there for you.
No i mean what are you doing here its the girls bathroom harry.
Yeah i dn't care i just can't see you cry.
He said while wiping my tears with his thumbs.
What was that ? He just said that he cared for me ??
I smiled at him as i hugged him and cried on his shoulder even harder as i felt his hands squeeze me i wiped some tears and did something i necer thought i will ever do, i kissed him on his cheek thanks for being there for me even though we just met your a really nice guy.
Neeh don't thank me just can i ask whats wrong ?
Well my mom just sent me a message that said that she wont come home for a month and i know that she will come pregnant when she comes and i know that she is going somewhere with her boyfriend erick and its just that i don't even have my keys and my dad is out of town and he wont come after like 3 months and i can't go to sara's or jads house because first they are sisters and brothers second there parents don't like me and now i'm ending up in the streets isaid with tears in my eyes.
Thats okay you can stay at mine plus i'm not living alone don't be scared he said the last part with a giggle.
He really made me happy.
Thanks but i can't i only know you since 2 hours maybe more maybe less i can't stay at your house for like a month or more no i can't.
Thats okay come on lets go he said
Wait i can't go to class i think i'm gonna stay here till the end of the day just go.
No i'm not leaving without you i'll come with you we can sneak out and go to my place i can also call the boys to come with us.
Okk si said with a smile i really didn't wanna end up in the streets .....

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