our past defines our future

this is the story following a 34 year old ex cop who's know being hunted down by his past of drugs and phychotic thugs


3. those smokey tears

I managed to summon all my strength and lift the heavy boxes of ammunition I managed to hurl the remaining boxes out of my bedroom window I knew the guy who I rented this house of wasn’t going to be happy but at least he doesn’t have holes in the walls I briefly managed to guide my self down the scorched walls I could still feel some flames licking at my heels I reached the downstairs of my apartment I clambered about the floor searching with my hands for the fire extinguisher I felt the head of it slip away from my grip as it was being pulled from my hand I looked up to see a blacked out figure he spoke the words that I used to speak ‘ your under arrest’ then I felt the heavy handedness of a baton hit my face shattering my teeth and splitting my jaw in two I managed to spit the teeth and shards of jaw out and then everything went dark …..

I woke up in a prison cell with a scrawny looking man who took a moment to speak to me ‘ so boy do you want to ring somebody’ then he guided me buy my arm to the phone I dialled for my mother to tell her what had happened I just wanted to hear her voice but all I heard was a phycho shouting at me down the phone ‘ ive got your mum and you have six hours to get me my $12,000 or I’ll snap her neck like a chicken’ he had his annoying cackle inbetween words. I knew that these police wanted to ask me questions and they would keep me for more than six hours so I turned around in one swift motion and made contact with the phone to his temple he then fell to the ground I picked him up and grabbed his pistol from its holster  and held him as a human shield with the gun at his head the other officers were clearly new recruits because they just all coward down a real police officer would have shot me right there and then I made a dash for the door and then managed to make my way onto the road and jumped in the passenger seat of a car I looked at the driver and told him without showing any fear ‘drive now or ill spray your brains all over the place’ he immediately accelerated he was going so fast then I noticed what he was doing he was so scared he didn’t realise he was driving straight toward a wall I was still holding the gun to his head I shouted at him ‘go right please just go right’ by the end of the sentence I had gone soppy because I knew what I had to do I pulled the trigger and it let out a relentless bang I was about to push the mans body out on to the road when I then heard a little squeal of the words that still haunt me even today ‘daddy’ I sprinted out of the car leaving the child there with the corpse of his father a man who would probably of taught him how to swim and how to write and also showed him all the love he had to give and I had crushed that just by choosing to dive into that car and I began wondering if he would have turned the car it was from that moment on stuck in my front of my brain I had destroyed a mans life and maybe even destroyed the kids by a man who he had never seen before killing his father in cold blood and leaving him there …

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