our past defines our future

this is the story following a 34 year old ex cop who's know being hunted down by his past of drugs and phychotic thugs


1. this is how it all began

July the first 1997 was the day I got kicked off the force for drinking on the job and that’s all I’m going to tell you so far so anyway I was in this bar in Wilmington Delaware , this bar is where it all began and it was all because of my past they had caught up on me my old friend frank Lucas before he got caught and made a biography  well of course he didn’t come and get me he sent his men to get me and well that wasn’t a good idea since I made him a promise that the next time I see him I would  ….. well you don’t want to know exactly what I said coz it was pretty vile but so was I back then


Anyway his men threaten me with there guns I quickly read any signs there showing and I knew I would have to be up in there face and act like I knew what I was talking about so I had to lie so I said “ you’re not gonna shoot me” I then pushed myself closer to him but I wasnt quite close enough “listen buddy I think you had better get out of here if you know what’s good for you” he then spoke with a stammer I knew I was getting to him “no buddy you better listen to me lucas wants you dead so I gotta kill you then haven’t I” I had him exactly where I wanted him one step closer and then he stepped forward it was like an alarm beacon to my ears so I quickly scraped my boot against his leg and stood on his foot and pushed him then I quickly with a excruciating snap broke his wrist and then positioned his gun under his chin all in a vast couple of seconds I knew I didn’t have to kill him I could off knocked him out but something made me do it so I placed my finger on the trigger and then I knew his life was under my command I could end it all now and so I did with a forever unresting bang

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