our past defines our future

this is the story following a 34 year old ex cop who's know being hunted down by his past of drugs and phychotic thugs


2. and know it continues

I sprinted out of the bar with an all this weight on my back again I knew this was exactly what this psychopath wanted he didn’t want his guys to kill me he wanted me to kill them for his own amusement I am a puppet and he has my strings I knew he would send a lot more men out to get me this is exactly the sort of game he wanted to play before I knew it I was back at my apartment I opened my door with an uneasy twist of the rusting handle I noticed that he had basically destroyed my house but then all of a sudden I heard a crackling sound the sound of fire I threw myself at a nearby fire extinguisher and brushed the cold liquid pour the roaring flame of the fire licking up the walls of my apartment, taking away pictures and memories then all of a sudden I remembered about my weapons upstairs and if a flame even touched them the hole place would be bursting with rounds of ammunition spraying around the apartment I sprinted upstairs as fast as I could with flames grabbing my clothes trying to pull me down it was so hot and I could hardly breath I knew what I had to do so I headed for my armoury.

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