The Robot Gone Wrong Part 1

it's about two scientists that make a robot and it goes terrible wrong and destroys the city so the scientists needed to stop it. do they stop it or does the robot win find out in The Robot Gone Wrong.


3. The Final Battle

Callum and Josh had to destroy it, but then Josh remebered that they had built a self-destruct unit in side of the robot. But they needed the remote that was back at the lab. They started there car and set off on to the open road, then the motorway, then over brooklyn bridge they arrived at there lab searching and searching.Then Callum found the remote then back to the mayhem going as fast as they could. They got to there Hostile creation and Callum pressed the button. But before he did he said sadly and apologetically, "Sorry"

Then bang exploded the robot

Josh said " Its over, its finally over."

Callum Says " Yeah,but for how long"

To Be Continued... in book The robot uprising

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