The Robot Gone Wrong Part 1

it's about two scientists that make a robot and it goes terrible wrong and destroys the city so the scientists needed to stop it. do they stop it or does the robot win find out in The Robot Gone Wrong.


1. The Creation

Josh,the scientist, and Callum were building a robot that would serve human kind for generations. Callum was Josh's assistant.Callum was 24 years old, he supplied the materials, weapons and circuitry for Josh, the scientist, and Josh was 26 years old. It was nearly complete.They needed a few more parts to finish the robot: a control mechanism, hydraulics, computer memory unit, and a plutonium reactor. But Callum and Josh gave it a bit too much power and the robot went on a unstoppable rampage.It destroyed everything in sight. so Callum said "We have to destroy it!"

But Josh said"But my lifes work will be gone and it will take weeks to rebuild."

" We have no choice we either perish or destroy it!"

Josh says "Your right we must" so they set out to find there creation and destroy it once and for all.

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