The Robot Gone Wrong Part 1

it's about two scientists that make a robot and it goes terrible wrong and destroys the city so the scientists needed to stop it. do they stop it or does the robot win find out in The Robot Gone Wrong.


2. The battle

so Callum and Josh were closing in on the robot, not knowing it was heading for New York City not knowing it activated its jet boosters in the middle of the City. As it was flying it came in to contact with the statue of liberty and then became hostile and took it apart piece by piece but nobody was hurt. then using all its fuel the creation fell straight in to the Ocean with a SPLASH in it went deep below.Callum thought it was all over but crashing out of the water was the robot! suddenley the robot found out how to activte its weapon system the guns were blazing that alerted the military.The robot was that freaked out it opened fire on the military(the robots memory system was not fully uploaded to know who people are) the military commenced the attack on Callum and Josh creation.The soldiers used RPGS (rocket propelled grenade) and tanks fired and jeeps fired there (calibre) turrets. the robot fought back with missles in its wrists and gatling guns in its fingers. the people were screamin "Its the end of the world"

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