Jess Harris can't be forgotten can she ? Everyday she hates herself and cuts but it all changes when she meets Harry she is twisted and turned but soon she falls for him and its time for a change


2. Taylor cheats on Harry

My eyes burned I walked downstairs to se Harry sat there he clenched his fists "get out" he yelled I ran my eyes welling up with tears that started to pour down my face "fine" I yelled I really didn't have any more energy to go back in and tell him I loved him. I walked away running down the path suddenly I bumped into someone "Taylor" I stuttered looking up to see her with jake "how dare you" I looked at her ashamed "oh my gosh you draw tell Harry" Taylor said looking at me smiling she moved her finger over her neck and laughed "who's Harry" jake said raising his eyebrows "you wouldn't understand jakey" Taylor said giving me a death clear she walked away laughing. I ran down the path more and more crying and sobbing. After a few hours I was so tired I found a park bench and wrapped myself up in my jumper I shuddered and started to cry more after that night I woke up and finally arrived at Kate's house I rushed in "justin where's Kate" I asked locking him in a hug "she's at work" justin said he sat me down and I explained everything he ran me a warm bath and some spare clothes to put on then he let me go to sleep. After 5 hours of sleep Kate woke me up "OMG I can't believe what happened" Kate sad wrapping me in a warm hug we layed down like we used to when we were little she talked to me and soon I fell asleep! I hugged her tighter as I woke up and justin said Harry had called 40 times I called him back "jess come I'm on my way I need to you" Harry said "I love you" he said "ha very funny " I laughed and put the phone down  15 minutes later I had a nick on the door  "jess" a voice yelled I opened the door and was flung into huge hug and a wet gentle kiss "Harry why are you wet?" I asked looking confused "rain " he pointed "I am so sorry" he yelled "I should have never done that" he yelled even louder getting angry at himself I stroked his wet curls and watch him smile as I kissed him. He gave me a cheeky smile and then picked me up! 

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