Jess Harris can't be forgotten can she ? Everyday she hates herself and cuts but it all changes when she meets Harry she is twisted and turned but soon she falls for him and its time for a change


1. Realising

I climbed in to bed my legs were sore and my eyes hurt from all the crying. My wrists were bleeding and I was trying to cover them up I just missed Harry I missed his smile,his hair, the way he laughed. I just missed him I needed him desperately. Let me explain a little. My parents died a few years ago I lived with Harry my best friend who I really need right now. And at school my coach Mrs Smith made us run the mile every fucking day I mean come on give is a brake. And to make it worse my friend Grace called me a bitch,whore and worse. I now have no friends and I cut. I started to cry again heavily. Suddenly my bedroom door busted open. I slipped under the covers and tried to hide "you don't need to be afraid jess" a deep voice said gently "Harry" I said pulling the covers back so I could see him "jess I missed you" he said picking me up by the waist "Harry I needed you most and your here" I whispered in his ear I brushed my hands through his curly hair and kissed him softly on the cheek "it's ok I'm here now" he whispered putting me back in bed "hang on what this" he said looking at my wrists "um" I bit my lip and looked a bit disappointed as Harry's face dropped "you've being cutting" he said looking at the sheets that were covered with blood "yeah" I whispered he looked at me "why did you need me so much?" Harry looked at me "grace" I whispered looking sadly at the bottom of my feet "jess I don't like you cutting its hurting you" he whispered angrily and with that he walked out slamming my door.
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