Facing The Truth (A OneDirection Fanfiction)

Everyone I knew moved on with their lives.

Jake stayed with me through summer. Holding me when I needed to cry. Putting up with me when I needed to scream and yell. Helping me laugh for those small moments of forgotten joy I had left. And talking to me when I lost touch with reality.

But he had to leave too. No one was going to stay and wait for the lost girl with the broken smile.

Eventually, I sold our house. And left for England. I had too many broken memories and lost dreams in California.

I could lie and say that I was excited. Or I could tell the truth and say my cheeks weren't dry from the tears the whole flight. Bittersweet memories and nostalgia flooded my shattered heart.


2. When Push Comes To Shove


The flash backs were coming back to me. No, not again. I could hear my mother's deafening scream. She was screaming my name. "SCAR RUN! I'LL BE FINE!!" Her eyes were terrified. He was pulling her away from me. "MOM! Get away from her you freak!!" I saw myself running after him and kicking him in the shin. That's when he flung me against the wall like a doll. My body lay there as still as stone. For all he knew, I was dead. But I remember it clearly. My forehead was gushing crimson blood but I was still conscious. My mother was sobbing loudly. That was her last image of me before he took her life.

I felt a warm hand against my forehead. I faintly heard someone's voice calling my name. I couldn't make out who it was. The warm hand left my face. Someone's thumb wiped a drop of liquid off my face. My eyes urgently wanted to open. "Mom..." I mumbled. "Scarlette? Are you awake?" Dev's voice floated to me. My eyes flickered open. As my vision got back into focus, I felt tears dotting my cheeks. The first thing I saw was Jake's worried smile looking down at me. I tried to sit up and Jake seeing my struggle quickly helped me. I was in the ASB office on the couch. I looked around and saw that Dev, Jake, the boy band, and Matt were surrounding me giving me a worried look. Matt. Matt! I thought he was in Florida?

"You feeling okay?" Harry asked with a puzzled look on his face. I stayed silent as the images from my flashback crept back into my mind. Tears began leaking out of my eyes. Both Dev and Matt rushed over and held me tightly.

"More flashbacks?" Dev asked me.

"I haven't had one since sophomore year. Two years ago. Why now? Everything was going perfectly fine." I whispered into her shoulder.

"Hey babe, it'll be fine. I promise you." Matt said with a small smile. I missed my boyfriend so much. I was glad that he was here. He looked down at me and placed a small, warm kiss on my forehead.

"Scar, what did you eat today?" Dev asked suspiciously.

"Why are you asking?"

"Because the doctor said that you're overworking yourself and you're not getting enough to eat! That's why you fainted. Now answer me truthfully."

"I ate a banana and some orange juice..."


"This morning..."

"What time this morning?"

"Five o'clock....maybe...."

"Do you know what time it is now?"


"It's three in the afternoon. Scar! Really? You ate a banana and drank some orange juice and decided it was enough for you? You had rehearsal, 2 soccer games, rally setup, and dance. And all you've eaten all day was a banana? Scar, you're smarter than that." She looked so mad. She was right.

My eyes ventured over to where the boys were seated. They look surprised, if not somewhat intimidated. Green eyes, Harry I believe, was staring intently at me. Liam walked up to me and with a sincere smile, he began talking,"Scarlette, I believe I'm speaking for all of us. Especially the boys. You have a very strong personality. I know I just met you but you're smart, and you're strong, and from your eyes, I can tell that you've been through a lot. How about you take a break and get something to eat, eh?" I looked up at him. "Thank you Liam." I said with a small smile.

Matt rushed up to me and rudely said, "Hey boy band, hop off! She's not interested!"


"Matt! Calm down."

But knowing Matt, he wasn't going to calm down.

"Scar stay out of this!" Matt's voice was getting louder. Jake jumped up and tried to calm Matt down but before he could say anything, Matt threw his fist across Jake's face.

"Jake! Oh my God! Are you okay?" My head was still hurting a little but I jumped up off of the couch and ran over to Jake to make sure he was okay. He turned his face and I shrieked at the sight of his blood rushing down his face.

"What is your problem?!" Harry screamed at Matt. Just as Matt was about to do the same to Harry I jumped in the middle of them and instead of hitting Harry, Matt's fist made contact with my stomach. Pain electrified my body. My scream of pain made everyone in the room rush towards me. Matt looked horrified as he sprinted out of the room. My insides were churning. Jake took off after him with a sprint.

Dev began to scream, "Shit! Harry, pick her up and follow me! We have to get her to the hospital!"

"We're coming too!" Niall shouted.

I felt two strong arms lift me off of the ground and cradle me into his chest. There were tears streaming down my face in complete and utter pain. One of my hands was resting on my stomach while the other fisted Harry's t-shirt. My head rested against his chest as he ran after Dev into the parking lot. She unlocked her car and told Harry to lay me down in the backseat.

"I'm coming with you." Harry sternly stated.

"So are we." I heard one of the boys say.

"There's no room in the car!" Dev looked so confused. "I can't take her to the hospital by myself! I'm way too freaked out!"

"My car... my keys are right here..." I managed to croak out. I took the lanyard off my neck and handed them to Zayn.

"Alright then, me and Harry will go with Dev. Niall, Liam, and Zayn take Scar's car and follow us." Louis directed them. My head slightly bounced against Harry's chest as he lowered me into the car. Louis got in the front seat and Dev started up the car. I didn't notice how my head ended up in Harry's lap and my hand in his. When I dared to look up into his eyes, I saw his two green pupils filled with deep worry and anger.

*Harry's POV*

There she was. Right next to me. Wincing in pain every time the car jolted. That bastard! Liam wasn't hitting on Scar. Liam has a girlfriend and he would never dare. He was just talking to her. He didn't have to get so defensive. The look on her face when he punched Jake in the face was unbearable. Why on earth did she have to put herself between me and him? Rather it is me than her.

She was so fragile. Her hair was a deep jet black with natural deep brown highlights. Her curls looked cute the way they framed her face. I never thought that short hair could look so good on a girl. Her eyes were another story. They twinkled every time she smiled or laughed. They were a deep black. Not dark brown, but black. A beautiful black. Her lips looked very pink. Her smile was heart melting. I looked down at her pained face and felt the anger rise inside of me. Her hand was so small resting in mine. I remembered earlier that day, how she was dancing flawlessly. She was wearing a football uniform. Or how the Americans say it, soccer. Dance. Soccer. ASB President. What else? Her eyes flickered open and looked up at me. She looked like she wanted to say something, but the car jolted forward and a small gasp escaped her lips.

We got to the hospital and rushed her to the ER. I almost couldn't let her go. The boys ran up after me.

"Harry, she'll be fine. You saw her. It looks as if she can pull through anything." Louis' voice crept up to me.

"Yeah I know." I turned around to face Louis and the rest of the boys.

Zayn walked over to Dev to comfort her. I sat down in one of the hospital chairs and put my head in my hands.

Girls that were passing by would stop and ask for pictures and autographs. I knew that sooner or later the paparazzi would show up. One of the nurses came up to me and asked me if we wanted to stay in a room for the remaining time. We thanked and followed her to the room next to Scarlette's. Dev called Jake and asked if he was okay. She told him to keep things under control and tell everyone to continue working. After what seemed like an eternity, the doctor finally walked into the room and asked who's responsible for Scar. We all stood up and looked at each other.

"I am." Dev spoke softly.

"Well she's very lucky that there isn't as much internal bleeding as I expected there to be. She is going to be okay but she needs to take a break from whatever it is that she's doing. I've noticed that she hadn't much to eat. Make sure she eats right away, and keep her happy. Her diabetes will become much worse if her stress level gets higher. She can leave right now if you wish." And with that the doctor left the room.

Dev looked relieved and a small laugh left her mouth. "Thank God she's okay."

'Diabetes?' I thought to myself. Or I must've said it because Dev turned around and said, "Yeah, diabetes. She was diagnosed last year." I kept quiet as we walked into Scarlette's room.

*Scarlette's POV*

The doctor explained to me thoroughly that I needed to take better care of myself knowing I have diabetes. I needed to get back to school. I was okay after that medication he gave me. I stood up and although it hurt, I was feeling much better. 'Ugh, this is not okay.' I looked at myself in the mirror and my eyes looked so sunken into my skull. Probably from all the crying. I heard someone come in so I turned around. Dev was the first to speak. "Hey, you ready to leave?" I smiled. "Yeah come on. We have to be done with the gym by tonight."

"No, Scar. I'm taking you home. You haven't eaten. Im sure the doctors told you what he told us."

My eyes widened. 'The doctor discussed my diabetes in front of the boys?!' I screamed in my head. Almost as if he can read my mind, Harry spoke up. "The doctor told us about your diabetes. You need to eat Scarlette. And you're over working yourself. Go home for the rest of the day."

"But I can't! The-"

Dev cut me off, "I called Jake and he has everything under control. It's fine."

At the mention of Jake's name, my stomach did a belly flop. My face got extremely hot as I also remembered what Matt had done. I felt like crying again. I'm guessing Liam sensed that so before I could let my thoughts overwhelm me, he announced, "Come on Scar, Dinner's on us."

"No it's fine. I'll just go back to school and supervise. Besides, I need to discuss some things with you guys."

I got up and started walking out the door. They followed me as I checked out with the nurses, and rushed into the parking lot.

"Here Zayn. Give me my keys I'll drive." I yelled to Zayn as he walked up tp the cars. Before he could respond, Harry butted in, "No, you're not driving. I'll drive."

"And why is that?" I asked in an offended tone.

"Because you're still in pain. And you're trying to hide it. So get in the passenger seat."

"Uh...no. Scar can come with me. Harry and Louis too. We go the same way we came back." Dev interrupted.

"I CALL SHOTGUN!!" Louis yelled as he got into the car. I rolled my eyes. I hated being babied. I got in the back without arguing and ignored Harry as he slid in beside me. On the drive back, I yawned and couldn't help myself from falling asleep. I found a comfortable shoulder that smelled like men's cologne and gave myself up to sleep.

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