Facing The Truth (A OneDirection Fanfiction)

Everyone I knew moved on with their lives.

Jake stayed with me through summer. Holding me when I needed to cry. Putting up with me when I needed to scream and yell. Helping me laugh for those small moments of forgotten joy I had left. And talking to me when I lost touch with reality.

But he had to leave too. No one was going to stay and wait for the lost girl with the broken smile.

Eventually, I sold our house. And left for England. I had too many broken memories and lost dreams in California.

I could lie and say that I was excited. Or I could tell the truth and say my cheeks weren't dry from the tears the whole flight. Bittersweet memories and nostalgia flooded my shattered heart.


3. This Valentines


After we pulled into the school's parking lot, Jake called Dev. I was still asleep until Dev's ring tone filled the car. I woke up with a start. I noticed my head was resting on someone's shoulder. I looked up only find Harry's mouth break into a grin. 'What am I doing on his shoulder?!' I thought to myself. I pulled away quickly.

" Good morning sleeping beauty." Louis called out from the front of the car. 

"Ugh. Sorry if your shoulder lost all feeling Harry." My voice was raspy.

"Oh shoot!.....Uh huh.....yeah....we just got here.....yeah I'll be there in a sec." Dev seemed frantic. "Jake needs me to help him with something. Scar go straight to the office and rest. I'll follow you after I'm done."

"Yes, mother." I replied.

We all got out of the car as Liam pulled in with my car. They had the radio turnt all the way up and the windows rolled down. They were belting out and singing along with the radio. I rolled my eyes. I had to figure out what songs they were going to sing tomorrow. 

"There you guys are!" I turned around to see a very mad very large man rushing towards us. Uh...

"There you are! Wait, who are you?" I asked in a joking way. 

"Hi, I'm Paul. The bodyguard for these 5 headaches. Sorry you had to meet me like this. You must be Scar?" 

"Um, yes. And it's okay." I laughed. "Well I'll leave you to yourselves but I need you guys in the office in 10 minutes. No longer."

I must've turned around a little too quickly because I felt a shock of pain release from my stomach. I winced in pain but tried to hide it as I walked back. 

When I got to the office, it was empty. I settled myself on the couch and to keep myself busy, I began  looking over the files and what needed to be done. 

20 minutes later, Paul and the boys walked in through the door. 'Finally!' 

"I said 10 minutes, 20 minutes ago. You're late." I managed to stay calm.

"Sorry Princess but it's nothing to get worked up about. We're here now." Louis said through a smile. Just as I was about to reply, Liam cut in. "What Louis is trying to say is that we're sorry for taking longer but now we're ready." Liam said apologetically. 

"OK well I don't know if Dev told you this but one of my friends will be proposing to his girlfriend tomorrow and I have a list of songs that I would like for you to sing." I handed Zayn the list as they looked through it. 

"You want us to sing all these? We haven't even rehearsed. We can't be ready by tomorrow!" Harry shrieked.

"Well maybe if everything wasn't a joke to you guys, you would be ready by tomorrow." I contemplated.

"We don't take everything as a joke! We agreed to do this last minute! We haven't even found a hotel to stay in yet! If it wasn't for Dev telling us about you and how hurt you would've been if we didn't show we wouldn't have been here." Louis's voice began rising. 

" Hurt?! Me? Well news flash for ya buddy, but I wasn't even the one who asked for you guys. I had a complete other band in mind. I didn't even know you were coming until this morning when you got here! So tell me, can you do this or not? Because if you can't, I don't want to waste my time." I was surprised to hear myself say that. I have never let my voice rise before. I wasn't usually that rude. They must've seen the look of anger and confusion on my face because the room became silent. 

"We'll try..." Louis was looking at the ground. They must think I hate them. Nice going, Doofus.

"Listen guys. I'm sorry that I'm not being fun at the moment. But tomorr-"

"Save it Princess. We got the memo okay? Now we have to rehearse, but where?" Louis didnt look me in the eye when he cut me off.

"Follow me..." I managed to mumble.

I showed them to the band room. The band room was my favorite place. There was always someone singing or playing whenever I walked in, but today it was silent, due to the fact that it was a Saturday. My hands fumbled with the keys more than usual. I was so angry at myself for being a jerk. 'Why won't this key go in?' I thought to myself, desperately. A large hand lingered over mine as it took the keys from me and unlocked the door with ease. My eyes trailed up and stopped in the midst of two beautiful green eyes. I looked away instantly. Harry let a small chuckle escape his lips as we all filed in through the door.

"Well here it is. It's probably not what you're used to but I hope it works." The words tumbled out of my mouth. "I'll come check up on you guys in half an hour." I managed to pull a smile out of my lips. Before I could walk out, Harry stopped me. "Scar have you eaten anything yet?" He paused before continuing. "Because you need your strength."

"Don't worry about it." I replied sternly. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go shower and change. I'll be back in half an hour. Don't fool around, please." I walked out of the room and headed towards the locker rooms. I was grateful that the principal trusted me with the keys to the school. My lanyard had a key to every room in the school.


The shower was so refreshing. My curly hair was slightly damp. My cheeks were pink and my dark features stood out more than usual. I was very light skinned and my eyelashes, eyebrows, eyes and hair were a deep jet black and I had very light freckles dotting my cheeks. As I looked in the mirror and applied sunscreen, my curls flopped back into my eyes. People always told me they envied the way my curls looked they were done by a curler. I smiled. I looked exactly like my mother. I was glad that I had enough self confidence to be happy with the way I looked. I didn't think I was pretty, but I wasn't ugly either.

I was wearing sweats that came up right under my knees, white converse, and a black tank top that gently hugged my curves. I pulled on a sweater just in case. It was getting dark. I lazily walked back over to the gym. Everything was absolutely perfect. A huge grin pulled on my face. "You guys are amazing!" I yelled over the music. I laughed and joined in with everyone else as they were dancing like dorks. A sense of relief washed over me. I noticed Jake and Dev at the tech table working on one of the systems. I ran over and attacked them with hugs.

"You people are the most amazing creatures I know. ThankyouThankyouThankyou!"

"Hey, we couldn't leave you to worry about all this!" Jake laughed. I looked up at his cheek. It was badly bruised and there was a large cut across his cheek. I reached up to touch it. He pulled back in pain. "Are you okay?" My mood suddenly became angered. "It hurts, still. But I'm sure I'll be fine."

"He...Where is he?" I looked down.

"He said he'll be back tomorrow for the rally." Dev replied. Her brown eyes looked worried. I sighed. 'What the hell am I supposed to say to him?' I pondered. "You're going to break up with him right? Right?" Dev insisted. Jake knew that was a sensitive spot. I felt him hold his breath. When I didn't say anything Dev sighed in exasperation. "He hurt you. OK not on purpose but he didn't even hang around long enough to say sorry, or make sure you were okay. Has he called or texted?" Nothing came out of my mouth. "See? Scar you're smart. I know you'll make the right decision."

"If I had a say in this, I'd beat the living shit out of that boy. You're scared to let go because you don't think you're good enough to find someone else." Jake knew me perfectly well and it ticked me off. The only person that I couldn't fool was Jake.

I nodded and sighed deeply. This was going to be an interesting Valentines Day. 

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