Facing The Truth (A OneDirection Fanfiction)

Everyone I knew moved on with their lives.

Jake stayed with me through summer. Holding me when I needed to cry. Putting up with me when I needed to scream and yell. Helping me laugh for those small moments of forgotten joy I had left. And talking to me when I lost touch with reality.

But he had to leave too. No one was going to stay and wait for the lost girl with the broken smile.

Eventually, I sold our house. And left for England. I had too many broken memories and lost dreams in California.

I could lie and say that I was excited. Or I could tell the truth and say my cheeks weren't dry from the tears the whole flight. Bittersweet memories and nostalgia flooded my shattered heart.


12. I Know You


*Scarlette's POV*


I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been thinking about him. He had that silly girly affect on me. Every once in a while I'd remember that weekend in California. The rally, the party, the kiss, Harry's simple one worded "Bye."

I missed all of them. The boys definitely found a way into my heart.

Never did I think I'd see them again though.

I'd know those curls and dimples anywhere. When he took off his glasses, and his sparkling emerald eyes caught me in his glance, I was sure.

His face broke out into a grin, and I giggled at his cheeky dimples.


*Harry's POV*


She giggled as she walked up to me.

"I know you." She smiled.

"Who doesn't? I'm pretty sure all the girls in the world know me."

"Don't push it Styles." Her eyes weren't the same as I remembered them. There was no sparkle. Her eyes seemed almost lifeless and sad.

"So what are you doing in England? Business trip with your dad?" I asked her. I knew I hit a soft spot when her black eyes swarmed into a gray.

"Uh...oh, no." She looked down and her voice cracked.

"School?" I asked again.

"No...." She didn't look up.

"Well what are your plans for today?" I asked quickly changing the subject. There was something she wasn't telling me.

"Well I was going to go shopping but the mall is too crowded." She replied, finally, looking up at me.

"Great!" I grabbed her hand. "Let's go!"


*Scarlette's POV*  



"Where are we going?!" I asked loudly while he pulled me through the streets.

"You'll see!" He yelled back. I giggled.  

After a couple minutes of running after him, we got to a big house.

"Go ring the doorbell." He told me excitedly.

"What? Why?"

"Just do it!"



"No! I don't even know whose house this is." I countered.

"Well, then I guess you'll have to find out!" He pushed me gently towards the door.

"Fine." And I rang the doorbell.

I heard two people race to the door. Suddenly the door swung open to reveal a blonde haired boy, and a chestnut colored haired boy.

"Scar?!" Niall and Liam chorused.

Before I knew it I was tackled with hugs from the two.

"Niall and Liam! Oh I haven't seen you in ages!" I squealed.

"How'd you find us?" Liam asked as he hoisted me up in a hug.

"Harry brought me here."

"Surprise!" Harry yelled as he ran up the front porch steps.

"Harry! Where have you been hiding her?" Niall asked jokingly.

"My pocket Niall." He joked.

"What's all the noise about?" Zayn asked while walking down the stairs. He stopped when he saw me and grinned.

"Scarlette?" He came up to me and squeezed me in a tight hug.

"Zayn...can't...breathe." he let go of me and we all walked into the living room.

"So guys, how is everything?" I asked.

"It's been really good. Another one of our albums came out. And we're on break but other than that, nothing's new." Liam answered.

"Scar? Oh my god!" I heard Eleanor's voice behind me.

"Hey girl! How's it going?"

"Well I definitely know that I miss you." We giggled as we hugged.

Louis ran up to me and embraced me into a very tight hug.

"Princess!" He yelled.

I didn't realize that I let go of my whole past, until we were all sitting in the living room, chatting amongst ourselves. I looked at each one of them and remembered that week in California.

My stomach did flips. They were the only thing that reminded me of home. I had to get away, too much memories.

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