Facing The Truth (A OneDirection Fanfiction)

Everyone I knew moved on with their lives.

Jake stayed with me through summer. Holding me when I needed to cry. Putting up with me when I needed to scream and yell. Helping me laugh for those small moments of forgotten joy I had left. And talking to me when I lost touch with reality.

But he had to leave too. No one was going to stay and wait for the lost girl with the broken smile.

Eventually, I sold our house. And left for England. I had too many broken memories and lost dreams in California.

I could lie and say that I was excited. Or I could tell the truth and say my cheeks weren't dry from the tears the whole flight. Bittersweet memories and nostalgia flooded my shattered heart.


1. Confident Girl, Meet Cheeky Boys


She placed the coffee on the table, took one good look at me, and her eyes widened. I politely smiled at her. 

"Oh my god you're...." She breathed.

"Haha yes, nice to meet you too, uhm..." I looked at her name tag, "Cindy."

She nodded and hurried away. My long curly ringlets fell over my shoulder as I continued writing. I got plenty of stares and 'Hellos' but I wasn't bothered. It was a gorgeous day and I was in an extremely good mood. 

My high waisted skirt fell right above my knees as I stood up to accept a flower that was being handed to me. Paris was just amazing. I leaned in to smell the flower when someone caught the corner of my eye. I looked up and my heart skipped a beat. 

His green eyes were turning greener by the millisecond as he neared. Pretty soon, he was standing right in front of me. I looked up into his eyes. They were piercing through mine. His arms wrapped around my waist and I instantly wrapped my arms around his neck and buried my face in his chest. He whispered something in my ear.

"I know it's been a while but, can I call you Scar?"

I instantly remembered my last high school Valentines Day, and how it changed my life.




I was sweaty, tired, excited, and at that moment in desperate need of sleep. I was going as fast as my legs could carry me. My soccer bag was banging against my thighs, my curly hair was in my eyes, and my cleats were clenched in my hand. I knew I should've left my things in my car but I couldn't be late. Nope. Late was not my thing. I opened the school's gym doors and slid across the newly shined floors. "Sorry I'm late guys! The soccer game went into overtime and I couldn't leave earlier." I looked around and the gym was pretty much empty except for Hector, who was working on the sound speakers. "They're all in the Hall of Fame," he laughed at my facial expression.

"Why? The rally is tomorrow and we still have so much to get done!" I freaked. I needed to calm down. 'Dang! The banners still aren't hung! Why are the balloons not blown yet?!' my mind was going crazy.

"I think the band is here."

"Oh thank God!" I practically ran into the Hall of Fame and there was all of ASB screaming and freaking out. They were surrounding something, or someone. 'I didn't think people loved Rascal Flatts that much,' I thought. I was smiling like an idiot. I couldn't wait for the following day. Everything had to be PERFECT!

Valentine's day was going to be great. We had a Valentines pep rally for the students planned so they could relax before midterms the next week. Even better, one of my closest friends, James, is going to propose to his girlfriend, Jessica. He graduated two years ago and his girlfriend graduated a year after. He asked me if he could propose to her at the rally as alumni of the school. I was so happy for them, everything had to go perfect and as planned. One of the many things Summit High School was known for, is the rallies. They were big, bold, and exciting. Now this year as ASB president, I had to bust my ass and make sure nothing went wrong.

"Thank you so much Dev! Jess is going to love them! Rascal Flatts are amazing." I thanked my best friend. She was the one who booked the band and somehow got them here. Oh I was so grateful for her. She's amazing.

"Can I talk to you for a sec?" Dev looked anxious.

"Yeah, sure. What's up?"

"I had trouble getting Rascal Flatts here. It was a huge hassle, so I asked my aunt to hook me up with another band..."

I felt myself pale. "Wait, what?! Dev why didn't you tell me?!"

"You were under so much pressure! I couldn't tell you so I took matters into my own hands."

"Ok, alright. As long as we have a band," I felt myself tense up, "...of course I'm going to have to go back and change the pamphlets...and figure what songs they can play...shoot I need to find a new banner....oh the-"

"Hey calm down. It'll be okay. Everything is going to be fine. Don't stress yourself out."

I pulled my face into a smile. Dev was right. I had to calm down, and go meet the new band. Right, who was the band again? "Hey Dev, who did you get to replace them?"

Before Dev could answer, a guy with curly brown hair and green eyes, followed by four others, walked up to me and smiled and said, "You must be Scar."

The rest of the boys that were following him had big grins on their faces. They pushed the green eyed one aside and stood in front of me. I felt like my brain slowed down and began processing the information. One Direction. I've heard of them before but I never really paid attention to them. We went from Rascal Flatts, to One Direction. Ahh right. What was I expecting. Dev was the one who booked them. She loved them. They're not bad, just not good either. 

"Scarlette. My name's Scarlette, not Scar," I replied with the utmost monotone voice I have ever heard myself speak in. 

Green eyes pushed himself back in front of me and asked me with a cheeky grin, "Can I call you Scar?"

"If I wanted you to call me Scar then I wouldn't have told you my name's Scarlette."

He looked surprised.

"Harry! Her hair is almost like yours! Just prettier!" I smiled at the blond haired one's comment. Dev giggled. Right, Dev. What was I going to do with her? I looked up and glared at her. She was a bit taller tham me. Everyone was taller than me. I was often mistaken for a freshman rather than a senior. Dev gave me a small smile.

"Well, Dev, would you be so kind to escort these boys to the ASB room while I get everyone back to Earth? I'll come talk to them after." I smiled sweetly. 'Everything will be okay,' I reminded myself. 

Dev got a twinkle in her eye and her face broke out into a large grin. "Yes, ma'am Twinkle Toes." The boys broke out into laughter as they followed Dev down the hall.

A bittersweet smile crossed my face. I hadn't heard that name in a while....


"Alright guys settle down!" Everyone was estatic, but I had to ge them back to work if we wanted to finish early. "I know you guys are all excited but we have to get back to work. Dance crew, can you please get back in the gym and roll out the matts? I want to see the run through one more time. Tech crew, I need all the cheer squad songs on one laptop and the dance on the other. Oh and don't forget to check the mics! Everyone else, the tasks are posted on the gym door. Thank you my lovelies!" Everyone scattered back to their jobs. It was a wonder what sweet words can do to people. ASB was tiring, but we were a family and we pulled through. 

I walked back into the gym only to be attacked by Jacob, thrown over his shoulder and carried off into the middle of the gym. He then began to tickle me.

"Jacob! STOP! No, no, no!" I was out of breath and my face was red. I was laughing so hard I almost  cried. 

"Scar I missed you!" He said a little too happily.

"Jake, stop being cute and get back to work. Please?"

He laughed. "There's that smile I haven't seen today. Whats wrong?"

"Nothing, just...stressed."

"So even when you're stressed, you manage to have the most beautiful smile I've ever seen, your eyes still twinkle, and your laugh sounds like a song."

"Stop kissing ass. What do you want?"

He smiled. "Nothing, it's just that you seem tense."

"I'll pull through Jake. I always do." I smiled and walk away from him. Jake was very tall. Almost a foot taller than me. He was the only one who knew when I wasn't feeling okay. How he does it? I never figured it out. 

I walked over to dance crew and began runnning through the preformance with them. I loved to dance. I taught myself everything I know ever since I was nine. That's where I got the name Twinkle Toes from. I had to many nicknames, it was ridiculous. Twinkle Toes, Twinkle, Toes, Scar, Letty, Car, Caro, Cheeks. Too many, but the main one I responded to was Scar. I was getting so into the dance that I didn't realize the boys and Dev were watching me. 

They began clapping. I turned around and wacthed as Green Eyes and his boy band whistled and cheered. I rolled my eyes and walked over. "Liam insisted on helping," Dev said. Who? I had just realized that I needed to learn their names. I was still breathing heavily from the dance. I looked down at my bare feet. They were small. My anklet rested on my ankle like a charm. 

"That was amazing! I have never seen people dance like that. The choreographer must be a genius." One of the boys, I didn't know which, said loudly, which made my head snap up. Dev was all of a sudden laughing, while I was trying to suppress a smile. 

"Well, calling me a genius won't get you on my good side." I smirked. "Which reminds me, you have yet to introduce yourselves to me."

"My name is Liam Payne and it's a pleasure to finally meet you," the one with the chestnut colored hair announced.

"Nice to meet you Liam. I'm Scarlette Lindough." I smiled sweetly. 'What does he mean by finally?' I racked my mind.

"I'm Harry Styles, and you're beautiful, Scarlette Lindough," green eyes grinned, as if he expected me to fall over and worship him. Fat chance.

"Well Harry, no need to kiss up, but I appreciate you trying." I then replied with the sweetest, most innocent look upon my 'beautiful' face. Before he could reply, the blond one spoke up, rather loudly.

"My name is Niall Horan and I find your hair much more amusing and touchable than Harry's!" His cheeky grin caused me to smile as well. Harry glared at Niall while the others broke down in laughter and amusement. 

"Well Niall, my hair IS a bit more curlier than Harry over here, but you should see it when it's not sweaty and gross." I smirked innocently.

"I'm Zayn Malik." The black haired one simply stated with a smile.

"Nice to meet you Zayn." I replied.

"And I'm Louis Tomlinson!! The cutest and the most loveable of the bunch!!" The last one yelled. 

"Hello , Louis. Is that what you call it? Cuteness? Ahh, explains plenty.." I joked.

I was just about to continue with what I had to say when all of a sudden my eyesight became extremely blurry and dazed. My breath became short puffs and I couldn't feel my legs. "Scar? Are you okay?" I heard Dev's worried voice. "Scar?! Can you hear me?!" I wanted to reply to her but my mouth couldn't form the words. The last thing I heard before blacking out was frantic shouting and worried voices surrounding me.



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