Deep Dark Secrets

Destany Skye William's is what you would call in this society a typical teenager. She's spoilt, hangs out with a group of people who aren't really her type and even though she is peer pressured easily, words don't hurt her now as much as they used to. What happens when you don't fall in love  with the person everyone expects you to and instead you fall in love with a relative of his? Just a few more questions, is Niall really the innocent cute boy? And what are the secrets Destany and Niall won't dare tell each other or anyone else?


6. Run

** AUTHORS NOTE~ sorry I haven't updated in ages and sorry about all the typos, I write this on my iPod and spell check is my worst enemy! And before you start reading I would just lik to say thank you to my friends Tahlia and Tarni for giving me some advice on this chapter! Be aware this chapter has a hell of a lot of drama happening so ENJOY!!  **


Chapter 6: Run.

**skip to the afternoon! (same day as it finished in last chapter)**

Niall's POV!
I pulled up outside my 'boss's' house and got off the bike. I faced Destany, shes to innocent to even look at this house, why do I bring her here? "stay here Desty, remember the rules," I whisper in her ear before planting a quick kiss on her cheek and heading inside. I hate leaving her alone near this house, but I don't exactly have a choice.

Destany's POV!
I waited. I waited. I waited. I waited a bit more. Oh and guess what, I waited. Finally I saw Niall come out of the house, he looked... Angry? The large man followed him from behind and was yelling every curse you could think of. Before I knew it a punch was thrown towards Niall and Niall threw one back. My heart began to pound and tears were racing down my cheeks. Niall fell to the ground and in the 5 second break he had before getting hit again he mouthed 'run'. I did as I was told. I ran.

Niall's POV!
The last punch after many was thrown. Right in the center of my stomach was where his fist collided with me. I lay there in pain for what felt like 5 minutes. I knew I had to find Destany. I used all of my strength and stood up, wincing in pain. I drove my bike for 2 minutes and stopped at the beach were we we're just a few days ago. 

I saw her sitting on the shore with her head down. I sat next to her and pulled her closer to me from the waist. I felt her got tears hit my shoulder when she hid her face in the crook of my neck. She looked up and touched the bruises on face. "Why did he do it?" she whispered, I could feel the pain in her voice. How do I tell her? Do I tell her? "errm I just, didn't follow his umm orders," I stuttered. I can't tell her just yet. 

I carried her bridal style, ignoring the pain coming from the bruise on my stomach. As I drove home her forehead didn't leave my shoulder and she held onto me as if I would run away of she let go. I took her to my place hoping she'd sleep at my place for the night. Mum and Dad were out for the night so it was just us and probably Tyler. She still looked upset when we walked into the house so I suggested movies and she agreed. I chose pitch perfect to try and brighten up her mood, and brighten up mine as well. 

We cuddled on the couch in my living room and everything was perfect until Tyler decided to walk in. "Thats it! I can't do this anymore!" Tyler yelled angrily and stormed out on the room straight after he'd walked in. What was his problem. I ran after him and Destany walked behind me cautiously. "What the hell is your problem? Why is this so hard for you?" I yelled, I'm fed up with his stupid teenage attitude! Tyler looked at me with eyes that looked, hurt? He turned around to walk out the door but I grabbed his shoulder turning him back around. "Tell me?! I sick of this attitude!" I yell in his face.  "You wanna know? Okay! I have feelings for Destany and I have had them same feelings for her since the beginning of high school!" he said with watery eyes. "You take everything away from me and because you're older nobody seems to notice. My whole life I've been living under you!" Tyler continued. Destany ran up the stairs to slammed the my bedroom door shut. I was speechless. What was I supposed to say? 

I ran up to my room and saw Destany sitting on my bed crying. "Don't worry about him Desty, he doesn't know what he wants." I whisper in her ear as I pull her in for a hug. 

Destany's POV!
"Niall, who are then people?" I ask him into the hug, I know I'm taking a risk but I want to know. Niall stiffened, "what people desty?" he push me back a little to look into my eyes. "You know exactly who, stop playing dumb and tell me! The people who bashed you?! The big guy to stared at me the first time like I was junk?! Who the hell are they and why do you socialize with them?!" I yelled through gritted teeth. Niall let out a deep breath and dropped his head. 

"The big guy who stared at you, his umm, my boss," Niall said, that still doesn't fully answer my question, "the other guys are umm it's hard to explain desty," he said before flopping onto his back on the bed. I crawled over the him and sat with each leg on either side of his stomach, "I don't care if it's hard to explain, find a way to tell me," I said calmly but strictly at the same time. "They're part of a gang desty, I'm not but they've used me for their dirty work for years but they stopped at the beginning of last year, I thought it was all over but they called me again the day before the first day we met. When my boss saw you, he umm kind of threatened me that if I don't complete anything he tells me to do, he'll do something with you and I can't let that happen to you desty," Niall said with a few tears trailing down his cheek.

 "Well why do you still take me there?" I ask in confusion. "Because I need you to know what they look like and what they're capable of incase they do try to take you or hurt you," Niall says as he sits up, he wraps his arms around my waist and I wrap mine around his neck, "they won't be touching that pretty little face anytime soon, I can tell you that much," Niall says before pulling me in for a long kiss.

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