Deep Dark Secrets

Destany Skye William's is what you would call in this society a typical teenager. She's spoilt, hangs out with a group of people who aren't really her type and even though she is peer pressured easily, words don't hurt her now as much as they used to. What happens when you don't fall in love  with the person everyone expects you to and instead you fall in love with a relative of his? Just a few more questions, is Niall really the innocent cute boy? And what are the secrets Destany and Niall won't dare tell each other or anyone else?


2. Pizza and movies

Chapter 2: Pizza and Movies!

Nialls POV!

I can't believe Tyler! His such an idiot, why would you hook up with some chick while Destany is there!? Is he mental? Destany and I had a pretty funny conversation in the car. When I dropped her of at her house or should I say mansion, she gave me a kiss on the cheek before leaving. I know it was just a peck on the cheek but I could feel electricity coming off her lips. What is wrong with me? I only just met this girl and I'm already hooked on her. 

Destany's POV!

Okay so it's official I like Niall like I seriously like him! It's so weird! Usually when I like people they're are brunettes, treat girls wrongly, jerks and well, not Niall. Niall is so innocent and sweet and charming and arghhh! Why is he so perfect! 

When I got home I checked my twitter, nothing. Checked my instagram, nothing. Checked my Facebook to see that people from a complete different country have tried to add me, not happening bro! I checked tumbr, nothing exciting. Geez the world was going cray cray right now! I heard the song party base come from my phone, I looked at the caller i.d to see that it was, Tyler? Why would he ring me? 

"what do you want Tyler?" I answered, getting straight to the point.
"this umm isn't Tyler, it's Niall," 
"Uhh what? I'm confused," I laughed
"it's me Niall, Tyler left his phone in my room and didn't have a lock on it so I was looking through his phone and found your contact," he said 
"well that makes a hell of a lot more sense!"
"haha well I was just wandering..."
He dragged on the 'Inge' sound.
"wandering what Niall?" I asked 
"I was umm just wandering if you Uhh were busy tonight?" he stuttered which I thought was incredibly cute.
"Thank goodness someone asked! I'm bored to death here! Haha I'm definitely not busy tonight!" I laughed 
"great! Well I'm coming to you place with pizza and movies, that okay?" he asked
"that's great! Can't wait!" I said before hanging up.

I pulled on some black booty shorts (black cotton skin tight shorts that cover pretty much just your bum) and and over sized hoodie. I hate this weather because you don't know if it's cold or hot so you have to dress to suit both. I threw my hair up in a high pony tail and although I looked like a slob I really didn't care, its not like I'm leaving the house or anything.

About 10 minutes later i heard the doorbell ring. I saw a very happy Niall standing infringing of my with 2 pizzas and about 5 movies. "Come in nialler!" I said before running up the stairs to my bedroom, "hey! How'd you know my nickname is nialler?" he said while chasing after me, "I didn't haha I just said it!" I said after I dove onto my pillow covered bed. He crawled onto the bed next to me.

"So Mr Horan what movies did you bring?" I asked 
"pitch perfect, mean girls, valentines day, napoleon dynamite and Ted"
"sounds like a load of comedy!" I said.

We hardly even watched the movies. We just talked and ate pizza the whole time. During them few minutes that we actually were watching the movies I could tell he was watching me. We stayed up till about 3:00am and both fell asleep. When I woke the next morning I had slept in and Niall had me in his arms. How did this happen? I swear we fell asleep on opposite sides of the bed. I crawled out of bed trying not to wake Niall up. I decided to make pancakes since they are the only thing I can cook! I found some chocolate chips and put them in the pancakes to make them nice and fatty. Something is up with me today, usually I turn my nose up to anything with sugar, fat or grease in it but now I'm all up for it! I suppose one day won't matter.

I'd finished making pancakes and by that time it was already 10:00 so it was pretty obvious I wasn't going to go to school. I put a few pancakes on my plate and sat at the table with my laptop while eating my breakfast. A very sleepy Niall tripped down the stairs making an extremely Loud noise that made me jump. "Really Niall?" I complained, "really," he said in a monotone voice. He helped himself to pancakes and found the milk and cups. He took a seat next to me and dug into his food. I was searching through Facebook until he turned my laptop around so it faced him. I tried to retrieve it but he ran of with it. About 30 seconds he handed it back to me. I had received a few notifications so I checked them, they all said 'name' liked your status, I hadn't even posted a status had I? I went onto my timeline and saw that Niall had hacked my account, doesn't really surprise me. The status Niall posted on behalf of me was "Nialler is the bomb! I'd make choc chip pancakes for him anyday!! I love him so so so much! xoxo". I decided to leave the status there, most smart people would know that it's was hacked and I didn't write that.

I walked up to my room and tool out the clothes I was going to wear today, white denim shorts and a blue loose fit knitted jumper. I undressed and just as I was pulling my shorts on Nialls opened to door not know what I was doing. "Oh my gosh! So sorry! I didn't know! So sorry! Please forgive me!" Niall said as he quickly turned away and shut the door, "it's okay Niall, I forgive you!" I yelled singe could hear me through the door. I got changed and poked my head out the door, "it's safe to come in now nialler!" I said while laughing, "okay good haha sorry about before," he said, his face was still red from embarrassment.
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