Deep Dark Secrets

Destany Skye William's is what you would call in this society a typical teenager. She's spoilt, hangs out with a group of people who aren't really her type and even though she is peer pressured easily, words don't hurt her now as much as they used to. What happens when you don't fall in love  with the person everyone expects you to and instead you fall in love with a relative of his? Just a few more questions, is Niall really the innocent cute boy? And what are the secrets Destany and Niall won't dare tell each other or anyone else?


4. It's to dangerous

Chapter 4:  It's to dangerous

*BEEP BEEP BEEP* I slammed my fist on my dreaded alarm clock and literally rolled off the Ed bring all of my blankets with me.  I groaned and rubbed my head before using every ounce of energy to stand up. I looked in my mirror and let's just say I wasn't looking my best. I opened up my curtains and quickly shut my eyes because of the sun. I shuffled my feet over to my closet and looked for the comfiest clothes I could find, there's no way I'm going to get all dolled up today!

I grabbed my long black leggings and a cream over sized knitted jumper. My hair looked pretty scrappy but I oil don't be bothered to brush it so I threw in some bobby pins and surprisingly didn't look to bad. I slipped on a pair of white toms and applied a fair bit of make up because my face today was just ew ew ew! I ate my breakfast exedra exedra and walked out the front door. I saw Niall on the side of the road leaning against a black motorbike.

 I raised my eyebrow at him, "what are you suggesting irish boy?" a chuckle came from the back of his throat. "Well you have to choices, spend the day with me and ditch school or I'll drive you to school and you can just spend the rest of the night with me" he looked at me with pleading eyes obviously wanting me to choose option 1. "Sorry Niall but I have a test today so I choose option 2," I said as I walked towards him, "whatever you say, you don't know what your missing out on," he gave me a wink as he handed me a helmet. To be honest I'm scared of motorbikes and don't exactly want to ride one but I needed something to wake me up this morning. We both got on the motorbike and I hugged Nialls waist so I wouldn't fall off, I honestly enjoyed this part. 

School today was probably the most boring day on earth, it consisted of 2 pop quizzes an exam and I swear every relationship broke up last night because every single girl was wingding, whining, crying, moping and shuffling around like zombies. I waited outside for Niall to come. "I thought I told you to not see my brother anymore!" I turned around to see a very annoyed tyler standing behind me, "look Tyler I'm sorry but you can't control who I see and who your OLDER brother see's so just back off, it's not like Niall and I are dating," I say angrily, I was not in the mood to bicker today. 

Niall pulled up and he and Tyler had pretty the same talk as I had with Tyler but longer. Once it was over and Tyler left I jumped on the back of Nialls motorbike, Niall sped down a few roads for about 15 minutes and pulled up. He had stopped at a random house that I'd never seen before, "wait here a minute, i gotta do a job," Niall said cautiously. He walked to the front door and looked both ways before knocking on the door. A few seconds later a man with a large muscley frame opened to door to let Niall in, before the man closed the door he gave a quick glance that gave my a shiver down my spine. I know people say 'don't judge till you know' but something about this guy makes me feel nervous and I'm no sure if I like Niall being around such a character. 

I lifted my head when I heard yelling come from inside the house, about 5 seconds later Niall walked out on the house and slipped a piece of paper into his pants pocket. He gave me a weak smile and got back on the bike. He didn't say a word, he just drive off. He was driving a lot faster then before which scared me quite a lot, I held onto him tightly and rested my head on his back. We arrived at his house and got off the bike with me following, still no word had been said and he was all tensed up. I knew something was bothering him but I was to afraid to ask. We walked up the stairs and through the hallway, when Tyler walked past us he gave me a dirty look which made Niall tense up more. Niall walked into his room and flopped down on the bed, I sat down on the edge and looked at him as he starred into me. "The house we were just at, don't ever go there unless you're with me, got that Destany? And when you are there with me, don't leave the bike, it's to dangerous, when you're on the bike, they know you're mine and you won't be hurt. Do you understand me?" Niall said strictly, I swallowed and nodded my head, who is 'they'? Why would they hurt me? If its dangerous then why is Niall there? I didn't ask these questions because Niall still looked angry. I crawled across his bed and laid next to him, "you know what your brother says isn't going to stop me from hanging out with you, and his mean glances don't bother me," I say to Niall, "I know babe, don't ever let him change your mind though," Niall says and kisses the top of my head. I blushed at that small kiss, I buried my face further into his chest to hide it but I think he saw because a deep chuckle came from him. 
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