Deep Dark Secrets

Destany Skye William's is what you would call in this society a typical teenager. She's spoilt, hangs out with a group of people who aren't really her type and even though she is peer pressured easily, words don't hurt her now as much as they used to. What happens when you don't fall in love  with the person everyone expects you to and instead you fall in love with a relative of his? Just a few more questions, is Niall really the innocent cute boy? And what are the secrets Destany and Niall won't dare tell each other or anyone else?


3. Fireworks and electricity

Chapter 3: Fireworks and electricity 

Destany's POV!

I woke up to the sound of my dreading alarm. Great. I pulled myself slowly out of bed and headed towards my walk in wardrobe. I grabbed a casual floral dress with a heart cut out in the back, I felt like being girly today. After my shower I pulled on my dress and curled my hair, I applied some make up and slipped on some white ballet flats. I packed my school books in my bag and grabbed an apple, a sandwich and a bottle of water before leaving. I was never the type to eat breakfast on a school day. 

When I arrived at school Tyler was standing where I park my car every day. I parked my car and took a step out giving Tyler a questionable look. "What's up Tyler?" I ask
"oh you know just the fact that you spent a night in bed with my brother, and the fact that he likes you and you probably like him." he said angrily 
"I'm sorry but I see nothing wrong with that and we did nothing that night, just movies," I said calmly while getting my bag out of my car. 
"Well don't even text him, it's awkward for me," Tyler said with his head down. 
"Sorry Tyler but you can't control my life and you definitely can't control your older brothers life." I pushed past him and gave him a weak smile before heading into the school. I checked my timetable to see that I had geography first, I don't even know why I chose geography, I hate it!

I walked slowly to my class even though I was already late. I pushed the door open without knocking and slumped into my chair. "You're late again miss Williams," my teacher Mr. Grey said, "oh really? I wouldn't have guessed! Thanks for telling me!" I replied, okay so when I'm in certain classes I get annoyed easily and I become short tempered. This is another reason I hate school, I'm not me when I come here. 

Class had finished and I didn't feel like sitting with people so I sat with just Nicola and pretended to listen to her while I was just playing with my phone. My phone started to buzz uncontrollably the caller I.D said 'Nialler (;'. "I gotta take this, cya later nickie!" I said before I quickly stood up and left. 
"hey nialler!" I said happily,
"hey desty, do you really want to be at school?" Niall asked 
"not really why?"
"wanna skip and hang out with me?" 
"sure!" I said happily, seriously I couldn't be more happy right now, I can't wait to leave this bomb shelter,
"meet me outside your school in 10 mins," 
"what about my car?" I asked 
"we'll sort that out later, cya!" 
"bye Niall!" I hung up and went back to Nicola. But I couldn't find her anyway so I just sent her a text saying 'I feel sick so I'm going home, cya! xx'

I waited outside the school in the carpark and I saw a slick black car drive around the corner. The car pulled up in front of me and the driver opened the passenger door. I looked at the driver and thankfully it was Niall. I jumped into the car and we drove to my house. "Get your swimmers, we're of to the beach," Niall said. I quickly ran inside and threw on a strapless white bikini with a over sized button up white shirt on shirt. I grabbed my towel and ran back to the car. "All ready?" Niall asked when I slipped into his car, "yup!" I said popping the 'p' sound.

When we got to the beach we straight away jumped into the water. It was a private beach that nobody is meant to go to but you know, YOLO! Yes I just said 'YOLO'. The water was about 1 and a half meters deep so my toes were just touching the bottom. Niall and I ended up in a splash fight and I could tell he was watching me, but then again what boy doesn't look at a girl whilst she's wearing a bikini? I'll admit I was looking at Niall, I mean if you don't think he's attractive then you have eye sight problems!

 I'm a bit scared well I'm actually really scared of big waves and I can't dive under them. So when a wave that is taller then me comes I have to try to jump. A wave that was extremely big came towards me and Niall looked at me, I gave him a worried look but he just ducked under the water. I freaked out not knowing where he was and I let out a small scream. Niall had lifted me up from under the water so I was sitting on his shoulders and the top of the wave just hit below my shoulders. I was surprised Niall didn't get knocked over by the wave but oh well. 

The wave had vanished and I was still on Nialls shoulders. I couldn't see any waves coming so I put my hands on Nialls eyes so he couldn't see. "Heyy! Move your hands desty!" Niall whines while he tried to pull my hands away, "No way nialler!" I said loudly. 
"fine then! Be that way!" he replied cheekily before making me fall backwards into the water. Once I was up and looked at him and poured like a 5 year old spoilt brat. "To far mate," I said in a sulky voice,
"Awwh is someone sad?" Niall teased, I just looked at him, he could tell I was joking but played along with it, "come here," he pulled me into a hug. His arms stayed wrapped around my waist but he pulled his head back so he could look at me, "all better young one?" he asked, "all better!" I said smiling. We continued to look at each other and neither of us realized our faces inching towards each other. Our lips brushed against against each other and soon pressed together. Sparks and fireworks and electricity went off and butterfly's filled my tummy as we kissed. I pulled away and smiled at him knowing he enjoyed the kiss and wanted to continue it. I quickly pecked him on the nose and ran out of the water.

"Destyyyyy!" Niall yelled while running after me. I could hear his footsteps getting closer to me, suddenly his weight was on top of me and I was on the ground facing Niall with him on top of me. I evilly grinned at him and he thought it would be funny to poke my dimples. "Touch the dimples again Niall and your dead!" I warned him, he raised his eye brows and poked my dimples again. "Nialler did what?!" I half yelled, he smiled innocently at me, "payback will come, you wait!" I said before rolling out from under him and heading towards my towel.
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