Deep Dark Secrets

Destany Skye William's is what you would call in this society a typical teenager. She's spoilt, hangs out with a group of people who aren't really her type and even though she is peer pressured easily, words don't hurt her now as much as they used to. What happens when you don't fall in love  with the person everyone expects you to and instead you fall in love with a relative of his? Just a few more questions, is Niall really the innocent cute boy? And what are the secrets Destany and Niall won't dare tell each other or anyone else?


1. Typical Tyler

Chapter 1: typical Tyler 

Destany's POV!

"Destany Williams! Wake up right now! My class is not I time to be sleeping!" my cranky and ancient teacher Ms. Grove yelled at me. "Geez miss it's not my fault your so boring and belong in the jurassic era!" I said back to her.  I was quite proud of myself, I actually used a word that has more than 4 letters! Maybe school actually is teaching me something. The bell rang and I practically ran out of the classroom to where my group or in other words 'the sluts and jocks' hang out. I am like royalty in this school. I am a senior and the most popular girl here. Since I'm apparently the prettiest girl here I'm expected to date the hottest guy at the school and let's just say, he is the biggest player in the world, his name? Tyler Horan. I will admit his pretty damn hot but I've fallen for him before only to soon learn that he treats girls with much disrespect. 

I suppose I should introduce myself to you. My name would be Destany Skye Williams and I'm 17, I have long chocolate brown naturally straight hair and deep dark blue eyes. I'm Australian but live in England so I have quite a dark tan for someone in the UK. My family are pretty rich and I am quite spoilt since I'm an only child in a wealthy family. My parents are hardly ever home, so most of the time it's just me and the two cleaners at home. I guess you could say I'm a slutty girl but it's really just my friends who are sluts because I'm a virgen, I don't hook up with anyone and I've only ever had 2 boyfriends because I don't want to be hurt. 

"Hey Destany! Tyler invited me to his place this afternoon but I don't wanna go by myself, wanna come with?" my bestfriend Nicola asked, "sure but i don't wanna third wheel so if you two hook up, I'm outta there! Got that?" I said strictly, "sure sure desty if anyone is gonna be a third wheeler this afternoon it's me!" Nicola said whilst giggling like a 12 year old, "eww no I hate tyler and you know that!" I said before running off to the canteen.

Fatty, sugary, to many carbs, way to greasy, what is this school doing to us? Do they want all their students to be fat slobs? I grabbed the crunchiest apple I could find and a bottle of water, while I was paying I checked out the canteen lady, fat, glasses, greasy hair, sweaty face and in drastic need of a head to toe make over and new wardrobe. I know I'm really judgmental but I can't help it! I watched girls chewing on their fatty and greasy lunches in discust, how could they throw away their good bodies just for some food that'll make you sick? I don't understand. I'm more than happy with my apple and water! Oh well I guess it's just different people thinking their own way. 

The school day went on forever and as I was walking to my car I received a text from Nicola: "hey girly! Don't forget about Tyler's place, I'll pick you up at 4:00 xx love ya!" I texted her back a short text say I won't forget before driving home. I came home to an empty house once again. Even the cleaners had weren't there, they must've taken the day off. I slipped out of my school clothes and pulled on some pink and purple studded high waisted shorts and cropped knitted black jumper. I left my hair out and slipped on a pair of black vans. I swear this is the quickest I've gotten ready to go out! I checked the time and it was 3:50 so I had 10 minutes. I pulled out my laptop and looked through twitter till Nicola came.

*skip to Tyler's place*

Just as I thought I was a third wheeler once again, tylers laptop got boring to play with so I decided to walk home since its only 2 streets away from home. As I stepped out of the room I accidentally bumped into the cutest blonde boy I've ever seen. He had blonde hair but his roots were brown and his crystal blue eyes made him look so sweet and somewhat innocent. "Uhh sorry I was just errm sorry," he stuttered, "It's fine I was just leaving," I said and walked past him. I could feel his eyes still on me and to be honest I was actually glad he was checking me out, I have a feeling I could like this guy but what I don't know is if it's just a crush or I actually really like him. 

I opened the door and it was raining, "perfect," I mumbled sarcastically under my breath but it must of been loud enough for him to hear, "Wanna ride home?" I heard the blonde boy ask, he must be tylers brother since he also has that thick Irish accent, I'm so weak when it comes to Irish accents! "If you wouldn't mind a ride home would be great," I said answering his question. He walked towards me and grabbed some keys that were sitting on a table next to the front door. I sat in his car and it was kind of awkward at first. "So what's you name?" he asked in attempt to break the ice, "Destany, what'a yours?" I asked
"Niall, and let me guess, my brother is hooking up with your friend right now?" 
"pretty much" I said giggling
"typical Tyler."
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