Little Steps

Harry and Niall sneak out early one morning and run into a girl while they're out. Could this one girl possible start a fight between the boys or will one of them easily get her?


4. Nerves

Saturday evening I picked up Lucy from Nelly's and brought her home. She was strangely well behaved but I wasn't going to question it because it was nice. We both ate our dinner shortly after, which happened to be pizza this time because I wasn't feeling so good. I had one small piece and Lucy had her normal 2.5 pieces. After we ate our dinner we both just sat in the living room doing our own thing. She worked on her summer courses homework and I just surfed the web. I ended up on a lot of One Direction pages trying to find out more about Harry. I wouldn't consider myself a "directioner" but I am defiantly a fan. I don't know every little thing about them as I assume the directioners do, but I love their music and I will support them through whatever happens, which I think should be all that matters really, but I guess things have changed and people have become crazy. Before I knew it, it was midnight. I only discovered this because I was going to ask Lucy a question but she wasn't answering. Instead she was asleep on the couch where she was previously doing her homework. I close my computer and put it on the coffee table and walk over to Lucy slightly shaking her awake "Lucy, Lucy sweetie, wake up babe, go up to your bed it's probably a lot more comfortable there." She groans and rolls over. I sigh and pick her up bridal style and carry her to her room. I place her under the covers in her room and go into her bathroom. I pick up an EXPO marker and leave her a note on her mirror so she will see it when she wakes up. "Lucy - I'm going to a friend’s today at three they're picking me up. I can take you to a friends before that if you would like me to or a friend can come pick you up. Or if you really want you can stay here. Your choice." I replace the cap on the marker and walk to my room and start to pick out my outfit for tomorrow but realize it's too late to figure that out and climb into bed.
I wake up the next day at 1 and rush out of bed straight to the shower. I still had to wash, dry and style my hair, pick out my outfit and anything else that I thought up. After a quick shower I wrap up in my robe and throw my hair up in a towel. I check my phone and I have 2 text messages, both from Harry.
From: Harry Styles
Hey love are we still good for today at three?
From: Harry Styles
I hope we are, I really want to see you:)
I reply to him quickly
To: Harry Styles
Of course we are:) I'll see you soon:)
I start picking out my outfit; I knew this was going to take the longest which is why I was trying to figure it out last night. I choose a loose pink tank top with white skinny jeans which I chose later to roll up at the bottom. I put on a few quick layers of mascara and throw my hair up in to a ponytail and put a small pink bow into my hair where the elastic is. I walk downstairs to find Lucy and let her know Harry should be here to pick me up. I walk into the kitchen and Lucy is sitting at the table with a bowl of cereal and her phone. "Hey Luc" I say frazzled "Hey Jessie, are you okay?" "Yeah I just woke up late and I'm nervous." "Why would you be nervous? It's just a friend... Right Jessie?” She pauses and I don’t say anything “Is it a boy or what?" She says as I put a piece of toast in the toaster for a quick breakfast "Well yeah... He is coming to pick me up soon and..." "Wait since when have you had a friend let alone a friend that's a boy?" "Uh... Well that was kind of rude but… I met him when I went to Starbucks a few days ago" "Ooo... Well what's his name?" "It's uh..." I say as I start to put butter on my toast. "Jessie?" "Yeah... Uh... It's..." "Jessie Rose... What his name?" "It's..." I get really quiet "Harry..." I get even quieter "Styles" Jessie perks up and her hands hit the table hard. I take I bite of my toast before she can react to give myself some time to think. "DID YOU JUST SAY HARRY STYLES?!" I softly nod my head. "JESSIE!! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME?!" "Cuz I knew you were gonna react like this." I snap at her. "But Jessie!" "But nothing Lucyanne! You need to not freak out... If I'm gonna become close friends with Harry and the other boys I'm going to be spending a lot more time with them, and I can't have you freak out. You need to remain calm." "Sorry Jessie...." She says quietly. I take a deep breath. "No I'm sorry Lucy I shouldn't have yelled at you... I told you I'm nervous and you know what happens when I get nervous." "Everything has to go right... Yes Jessie" "Okay I love you Lucy and hopefully I can introduce you to the boys someday soon" I say smiling. "Okay, now I need to go get shoes because I almost forget, and then I need to get my phone, and then Harry should be here." I ramble on then walk out of the kitchen "Jessie breathe" Lucy yells to me as I walk away. I go into my room and slide my black iPhone into my pocket and go to my closet to pick out shoes. I decided on a simple pair of pink flip flops since it was sunny, and also out also to match my hair bow and shirt. I walk back down stair and ask Lucy if she’s going anywhere or just staying home. She says that she has a friend picking her up at 3:30 and they’re going to go to a movie, than hanging around the mall. I reminded her to lock up the house and just as I was telling her to text me when she leaves the house the doorbell rings. I stop my words instantly and freeze, a smile grows on Lucy's face while I just look like a deer in headlights. "Jessie go answer the door" She says smiling. Stunned a shake my head "I can’t..." "Yes you can!" Lucy says turning me around and pushing me towards the door. "Okay, okay" I say as she gets me to the door. She walks into the kitchen; I place my hand on the handle and take a deep breath. "Hey Jess" Lucy says, I turn and look at her. "It'll go great... I promise" "Thanks Luc" I say, after she walks up towards her room and I take one last deep breath and open the door. I see Harry with his arm crossed across his chest and he’s looking down at his feet. He's wearing a simple white t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up a little bit and tight black jeans. When he realized I had opened the door his head snapped up and his arms when to his side. A huge smile grew on his face, “Hey, you look cute” he says. “Oh thanks” I say smiling. “Well are you ready to go?” I nod and smile “of course”. Harry extends his hand to me. I grab ahold of it and look towards the stairs. I see Lucy sitting at the top smiling. I smile at her and close the door. Harry walks me to his black Ferrari that had the top down; he opens the door for me and leads me in to the passenger seat. He closes the door and walks around the car and gets into the driver seat. Harry drives me right to his house ignoring the few paparazzi and, I’m assuming, fans, with cameras that we passed on our way. When we get to his house Harry walks right in with me following behind him. 

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