Little Steps

Harry and Niall sneak out early one morning and run into a girl while they're out. Could this one girl possible start a fight between the boys or will one of them easily get her?


2. Jessie + Harry + Niall?


Jessie's POV
I smile as the two boys walked away catching my eye once more. I hadn't seen the one with piercing blue eyes up close but the other one, had radiant green eyes and his hair was very curly. I could have sworn I recognized him from somewhere but I couldn't pin point where. After they got out of eye sight I let out a massive sigh of relief and sunk down in my chair. That never happens to me, an extremely fit guy just coming up to me and giving me his number. Normally after that I get a drink spilt on me or something rather embarrassing. When that didn't happen this time I was shocked. Everything he did I flinched because I was 100% convinced that it was going to turn any second. Yet it didn't. People done come up to me, Jessie Rose Johnson, and just talk by choice. I'm normally the one people steer clear of. I'm not the popular one at school I'm the bullied one. A great amount of the bullying had stopped over my senior year but everything that happened has really stuck with me and had a massive impact on me, which is mostly why I flinched at most things because almost that exact situation happened in the beginning of my junior year. The guy walked up to me and started flirting but at the end he was going to give me his number but instead he threw my drink in my face. I continue scrolling through my Facebook feed but can't focus on what I was reading my mind kept falling back to his face. The first thing that stood out in the picture of him in my mind was his glowing green eyes. Next was his dimples very closely followed by his perfect curls. His dimples could just kill me and could change my mood in a second, when he smiled I melted, no one had ever done that to me. Then his curls, ugh, his curls, they were just so perfect and I could have sworn I knew them from somewhere, and its not like everyone has curls like his. I get up from the table and lock my phone placing it in my pocket and walking out of the quiet Starbucks. I jump in my car and drive home. I get home and head up to my room. “Hey Luc I’m home” I say to my little sister as I walk past her room. “Hey Jess” she says from sitting at the desk in her room. I walk into my room and plug my phone in since I forgot to last night. I set my cup with the boy’s number on it down on my dresser and start to walk out of my room and am stopped in my tracks when I look at the posters covering my wall. My eyes focus solely on one boys face. It’s the boy that I just met at Starbucks. His eyes, dimples and curls were exactly what I remembered. I look at my cup and back at the poster. Harry Edward Styles and Niall James Horan… Harry Edward Styles just hit on me and gave me his number… This had to be a joke.

Harry’s POV

I get back to the house and sneak in with Niall. Niall walks to the kitchen and I go back up to my room but, just as I got to the door I hear Paul “Harry…” He calls from the end of the hall “Shit” I mumble under my breath. “Yes Paul?” I say back looking at him. Paul walks over to me and I take my hand off of my door handle and face the man walking towards me. “So, how did your little stroll go? You have fun?” “What do you mean?” I ask him trying to act like I didn’t sneak out “Oh come on Harry, I know you and Niall snuck out and it couldn’t have been Niall’s idea” “Why is it always me?” I complain “Because it always is. You and Louis both are always the one who makes up these crazy plans to go out without security.” I sigh “Okay fine, yes we snuck out, no we did not get recognized and yes we were safe.” “Okay fine, just don’t do it again” He says lightly “Whatever you say Pauly” I say entering my room and throwing the small bag from H&M and my phone on the bed. I go across the hall to out bathroom and take a quick shower, I get out and everyone is awake and downstairs eating. I go to my room and put on a simple solid coloured black shirt and jeans. I grab my phone and walk downstairs. I see a buffet of food and set my phone on the bar checking it before I walk away to see if Jessie had texted or called me while I was in the shower, nothing. I walk to the cabinet and get a plate piling it with food then sitting down next to my phone. “Whos Jessie?” Louis leans over and asks me “Huh?” I question. Louis looks to my phone, I pick it up and bring it close to me checking my messages. Hey it’s Jessie:) I smile and reply

To: Jessie
Hey I was starting to think you weren’t going to text me;)

“So who is she?” Louis asks again. “Shh I’ll tell you later” I tell him because I didn’t want to talk about ‘the girl I met when I snuck out’ in front of everyone.

From: Jessie
Sorry I had to help my little sister

To: Jessie
It’s fine.

From: Jessie
Oh hey, I never got your name when we ran into each other

To: Jessie
Oh right sorry… It Harry:)

I finish up my food and put my plate away and before leaving the kitchen and dining room I steal a roll off of Zayn’s plate and walk into the living room and sit down on the couch next to Louis who was watching Jackass. "You gonna tell me now?" He asks as I take a bite from the roll I stole from Zayn. I finish chewing and speak up "She a girl I met when I snuck out today" "Harry... You can't just go around chatting up girls and giving out your number" he scolds me. "Sorry, but Lou this one's different. I ran into her in Starbucks and when our eyes met I got a rush of butterflies. That never happens Louis. "Just be careful, the fans can be crazy" "But that's the thing Lou. When I gave her my number I didn't have my hood on and she didn't react at all. She treated me as a normal guy, and I miss that." "Well when are you seeing her again" Louis asks smiling. "I don't know, hopefully soon and this time with permission and security." I tell him taking my phone out of my pocket "Well get on that" Louis says nudging me. I laugh and open our texts.

From: Jessie
Hi Harry:) Sorry for being such a klutz today

To: Jessie
Don't worry about it, I'm at fault too:)

From: Jessie

To: Jessie
So, I really want to see you again, do you want to go to a movie or something on Sunday?

From: Jessie
That would be great:)

To: Jessie

From: Jessie
Hey I've gotta go make my sister lunch and take her to a friends... Sorry... Talk to you later?:)

To: Jessie
Okay! Have fun:)

"Sunday" I say to Louis before getting up and walking to ask Paul what we could do.


Niall's POV

"It's just not fair Liam, Harry always gets the girls, and I just let him have them" I complain to Liam up in his room "It was just one girl mate" "Well yeah, but she was different, her eyes, and her hair, she was different. She didn't cake her face in make-up and she's just naturally gorgeous. I only got like 2 good looks at her face and I wanted to just look into her eyes forever and get to know her and..." "Niall are you sure you got enough sleep last night? This isn't you, either she is really special or you're not doin' so good." "Liam, she's special, I promise." I thought about her long dirty blonde hair falling down to mid back and her blue gray entrancing eyes. Her cute little pink and black flannel and black vans with doodles done with silver sharpies. This really wasn't normal for one girl to have such an impact on me but this one, I just let her go and now i probably have no chance. Great.


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