Little Steps

Harry and Niall sneak out early one morning and run into a girl while they're out. Could this one girl possible start a fight between the boys or will one of them easily get her?


1. Early Morning Starbucks Run (Intro Chapter)

Harry's POV
I had snuck out of the boys and I's house early morning with Niall and though we were only asking for trouble I just wanted to get out with out security on our tails. Niall and I both had hoodies on, Niall with his new pull over one he got when we were in Sweden just a little ago and I had my favorite black zip up hoodie on over my white shirt I still had on from the show last night. We had made it into town and had already been to H&M and we each bought a little something. I got a lot of stares as I checked out and right after me was Niall who was told that he looked a lot like Niall Horan from One Direction he simply replied with "I get that a lot". We were making our way to a rather abandoned Starbucks at the moment. We walked in and it seemed that there were only 4 people in there. Two of which worked there and an old man in a comfy chair in the corner of the cafe. The fourth person there was a girl with her back to the door ordering a drink. She had long dirty blonde hair and was wearing a plaid, pink and black flannel with a pair of black skinny jeans and vans. We walked up to the counter behind the girl. Niall took off his hood assuming that it was safe since there weren't that many people here. I shot him an intense glare, gesturing towards the large open window facing the street that was quickly getting busy. He sighed and put his hood back up. Even though it was my idea to sneak out, I was terrified of getting in trouble or caught in a mob without security. I was busy looking around and I saw Niall step up to the counter and by habit it stepped up to, only to run into the girl that was just at the counter and causing her to fall to the ground. "Oh I'm sorry love" I say helping her up. "Oh no, it's okay it's my fault... I'm such a klutz." I laugh a little at her nervous rambling. "No don't worry about it." After I help her up she looks me in the eyes, her blue, gray eyes catching mine, and she smiles before getting up and walking to the pick up counter to get her drink. "Grande Caramel Macchiato, for Jessie?" "Yup, thank you" I over hear them say. Niall hits my arm and snap my focus back to him. "What do you want mate?" He asks. "Oh, venti mocha with whip and an extra shot please." I say without thinking. "What was that?" Niall asks after he pays and we start to walk to the pick up counter. "I was just a little... Distracted..." I say avoiding the topic of the girl even though Niall saw me run into her earlier. "Bull shit" Niall says picking up his drink from the counter and thanking the barista. "Okay fine, it's the girl." I say just before the barista calls for my drink. We both walk to a table away from the window and sit down. The girl was sitting at a table across from us and was in the perfect line of view for me. She was sitting at the table with her phone in one hand scrolling through something. She had her other hand wrapped around her warm drink occasionally taking a small sip. A bit of her hair fell in her face and she brushed it back behind her ear. I was snapped out of her entrancement when Niall nudged my arm. "Harry... Are you alright mate?" "Yeah I'm fine..." I say taking my hood off and shaking my curls. Niall soon follows taking his hood off as well. He then sighs, "Haz... We have to go back soon, Paul's going to be calling any minute now. Go talk to her." "Thanks mate" I say smiling and getting up from the table. I walk towards her and turn around and look at Niall who was watching out the window for any sign of someone walking by noticing us. I walk up and slid into the seat across from her. "Jessie right?" I ask. Her head snaps up from her phone and her blue gray eyes meet mine again. "Um... Uh... Yeah" she says nervously. "Hi... I just wanted to apologize again for running into you over there." I tell her. I can tell in her eyes that she relaxed massively "Oh... Don't worry about it, really" she says biting her lip. "My friend and I have to go real soon but you should call or text me sometime" I say pulling the sharpie out of my pocket and grab her cup of coffee. When I grab it he flinches. "You okay?" I ask as I take off the cap of the pen and start to write my number. "Yeah... Just thought you were doing something else..." She says relaxing again. "Well I have to go love," I say looking at Niall, putting his hood back up, over her shoulder. "Text me" I say smiling and flashing her a cheeky wink. I walk towards Niall and he hands me my drink off of the table we were sat at. I pull my hood up and push my curls back so they're not as visible and we walk out of Starbucks. We walk past the window and by Jessie, Niall and I both look at her as we walk past she looks up at us and smiles I smile back and continue on our way back to the hotel before they notice were gone or before we get a call.



Sorry this chapter is so short... Its just the intro there will be longer chapters coming:)xx

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