I thought that I didn't exist...

It's about a girl named Arizona who travels around the world looking for a thing called love...she comes across a young lad named Harry who flips her world around and not knowing she existed to him....


1. On my way

Arizona's P.O.V

I kissed my mothers cheek as I left the door to head of the train station. It was winter so it was cold and abit nippy, but I could handle it since I was rugged up in a panda beanie, Scarf, Gloves and my uggies. On my way to the station, I came across a bunch of girls screaming and crying. I didn't know what was happening! I thought someone got killed. They seemed like they were running behind a black car, with tinted windows. I could just see through a window a shadow of someone with curly hair.
I hoped out of the the car and got my ticket, I was going to Montè Carlo. It was my childhood dream to go to Montè Carlo, and now it's finally happening.

Harry's P.O.V
All I could hear were girls screaming in my ear. I thought I went deaf for a minute. I hoped out of the car and I seen a Panda beanie, I couldn't help myself, I just had to ask wear she got it from. I finally came to the beanie, I pushed through so many people to get to the beanie.I tapped the lady on the shoulder she turned around with shock! I thought she was going to scream, but she just said said "hello". She was a little cutie. I then asked her where she bought her beanie she replied "uhm I-I got it from erm sorry my train is about to leave" she walked of in a rush to catch her train. I was so game to know where she was heading.
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