Lego House *Addicted Sequel*

*Sequel to Addicted*
It had been 3 years since Emily left Harry at the airport. She was strong again and more famous and more successful than ever. She had finally gotten over Jacques. Yes, she still mourned his death, but she was ready to love again. She was on her way back to London, a place that she could truly call her home. But what if the man that she loves doesn't want her? What if he has moved on? A week before Emily is set to go home, she find out that Harry was done waiting. She doesn't blame him. But she really didn't like the fact that she had to find out that Harry was back together with Taylor Swift through a magazine. Hearts will be broken, lies will be told, and harsh words will be said. But in the end, can you really leave behind the one that had you Addicted?
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5. The Brit Awards

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Chapter Four

            “Harry, you really shouldn’t be here.” Louis and Zayn opened Emily’s front door to find themselves face to face with the one person they had been avoiding for the past week and a bit.

            “Come on guys; just let me talk to her.” Harry tried to push past them, but they held their ground.

            “No offence, but she doesn’t really want to talk to you. And we don’t blame her.” Louis pointed out.

            “She can’t hate me forever.” Harry cried out in frustration. As much as he couldn’t bring to be with Emily, he didn’t want to completely lose her from his life.

            “Harry, she’s finally taking her meds, and she’s been eating a little bit more. We don’t want anything setting her off again.” Zayn was agitated; he just wanted Harry to go so he could get Emily back to normal.

            “Why am I suddenly the bad guy?” Harry turned and sat down on Emily’s front step, resting her head in his hands.

            “Because through everything, Emily never once said anything bad about you. Never. She was always praising you, and just hoping that one day things could work out. But you? The things you said to her were heartless, and you can’t blame her for being upset right now.” Louis sat beside his best friend. No matter what, Louis would always love Harry, but right now, he was a little bit peeved by him.

            “I didn’t mean to make her depressed.” Harry mumbled into his hands.

            “Harry, don’t make this about you right now, just lea—.” Louis was cut off by a large dog barreling in between the two band mates.

            “Hey guys, I’m just letting Teddy…” Emily trailed off when she caught sight of her ex-boyfriend sitting on her front steps.

            “Emily.” Harry stood up quickly, turning to face her. His eyes widened and his heart started aching when he finally saw her. Her hair was in a low, messy ponytail, she was wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Her feet were bandaged, and the rest of her body was raw and scaring from all the glass.

            “You know staring is rude.” She scowled at Harry. Zayn looked back and forth between his two friends and could clearly see that they were both falling apart.

            “Come on, Ems, let’s get you some lunch.” He took her hand, leading her back inside.

            “Don’t call her Ems!” Harry lunged towards Zayn, “Only I get to call her that!” He growled.

            “Harry, shut up.” Emily snapped, “You lost that right the moment you told me you didn’t love me anymore.” And then she turned around and joined the rest of the boys in the kitchen.

            “Harry, just go.” Louis patted his friend on the shoulder, “I’ll call you later tonight.” Harry nodded and turned to walk back to the car. Both of them knew that Louis would never call.


            “Harry! We’re going to be late if we don’t leave now!” Taylor called up the stairs. Harry emerged in the tux that management had sent him. Coincidentally it was a Jacques design. Clearly, Simon was trying to send him a message. Or at least someone was. Everywhere that Harry turned he was either reminded or confronted with something to do with Emily. Whether it was the paparazzi or a friend, everyone seemed to want to bring her up. Tonight was the Brit Awards, and Harry was hoping that he wouldn’t have any more unpleasant reminders.

            “Why are they making you wear her designs?” Taylor wrinkled her nose in disgust, “they’re not even that great.” Harry fought back his sudden urge to defend Emily.

            “I’m not sure. But I have to listen to them. Come on babe, let’s go.” He wrapped his arm around her, leading her out the door and to the car that had arrived to take them to the show.

            “Hey lads.” He smiled at them brightly, trying to ignore the fact that they were all still a little bit mad at him.

            “Alright, Harry?” none of them even acknowledged Taylor. She took the hint and began playing with the bracelet on her wrist. Each boy had a respective date, as management wanted them to look like they were all starting to settle, in order to appeal to an older demographic. Louis was naturally with El, Zayn with Perrie. Niall had on his arm a gorgeous brunette, Jemma, who much to Harry’s dislike happened to be Emily’s best friend, but they had been dating for a couple years now. And Liam had Lena, an old friend from high school.

            “I’m surprised you don’t have a different date, Liam, seeing as you’ve been spending so much time with my ex.” Harry rolled his eyes at Liam.

            “Err— well, Emily will be there, but she already has a date.” Louis spoke up; he couldn’t even meet Harry’s eyes. None of them could, and if Harry managed to catch their eyes, they were giving him looks of pity. If they were giving him pity it meant that even despite their anger, Harry really wasn’t going to like Emily’s choice of a date. And seeing as Emily wasn’t an artist, it meant that Emily was going with someone who had been nominated.

            “Well, get on with it, who is Emily going with?” Harry scowled at all of his friends. He felt Taylor stroking his arm, trying to calm him down. In reality, Taylor was just jealous that Harry was having such a reaction, almost forgetting that she was there.

            “It doesn’t really matter, Haz.” Liam finally said, trying to protect Emily, as usual.

            “Don’t avoid it, Liam, you might as well tell me now so I don’t have a brain aneurism when we get there, or even worse, punch someone out.” Harry scoffed at all his so called friends.

            “Max George.” Zayn said darkly. None of them liked The Wanted very much, they were their competition, but they didn’t mind Emily moving on. But not Harry, Harry was infuriated.

            “Could you please say that again? I thought you said Max George.” Harry’s voice was cold, and emotionless.

            “Nope, you heard him right.” Niall piped up. They all fell silent, the tension building in the car. As soon as they arrived, Harry scrambled for the door, in dire need of an escape. Somehow it was like God was trying to punish him, because as fate would have it, The Wanted had arrived just minutes before them. The red carpet was lit up with the flashing of the cameras. Harry’s eyes widened, rage coursing through his veins as he finally caught sight of Emily. She was wearing a floor length dress, her arms covered, and the neck line was high to cover up her scars. She looked beautiful. The only thing that was off was the man by her side. Max’s arm was snaked tightly around her waist, her arm around him. He leaned in and whispered something in her ear and she threw her head back in laughed, her nose crinkling, letting Harry know that her laugh was genuine. His hands balled into fists at his sides. When Max kissed her temple, in front of everyone, causing her to blush, his blood started boiling.

            “Harry, let’s go get our pictures taken so we can get in!” Taylor grabbed his hand, ignoring the obvious agony that was going through Harry’s mind. The only problem with having a girlfriend that doesn’t want you to change for the better, and won’t change for you, is that she has her own agenda, and she never really will understand you. Harry let her drag him down the red carpet. When reporters asked him questions he just nodded and gave them short answers. Until he heard one in particular.

            “How do you feel about Max George dating Emily Binks?” The reporter shoved the camera in Harry’s face. Harry tried his hardest not to punch the guy in the face. Luckily enough, through Taylor’s cattiness, she came to his rescue, whether she knew it or not.

            “I don’t see why Harry would feel a thing. He’s dating someone else, and she’s none of his concern.” She snipped at the camera. This time it was Harry’s turn to pull her along the red carpet. They all made their way to their seats. I guess someone thought it would be funny to put One Direction and The Wanted close together, because once the boys got there, Emily was sitting cozily next to Max. When she saw Harry, her face darkened, but upon seeing the rest of the boys, her face lit up.

            “Zayn! Perrie!” She skipped gracefully over to the couple.

            “Hey, you bum. You look gorgeous. I still don’t like your choice in date though.” He whispered in her ear, hugging her back.

            “Yeah, well, Max is a great guy. We’re just friends though, don’t worry.” She winked at him.

            “Em, ignore Zayn. He’s just jealous that Max looks so good tonight.” Perrie nudged her boyfriend.

            “Hey!” He cried out in protest, tickling her, causing her to giggle. Emily smiled at her favourite couple before moving on.

            “El, you look flawless, as usual.” Emily went over and hugged Eleanor.

            “So do you, babe. But your choice in man candy tonight is a little bit questionable. Something tells me you were really trying to get on a certain someone’s nerves.” El winked at Emily.

            “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Emily put on an innocent face, swallowing the giggle that was bubbling up in her throat.

            “I think I have an idea.” Emily turned around to face the voice behind her.

            “Harry.” She stood, her body going rigid.

            “What the fuck are you doing here with Max fucking George?” He growled, ignoring the evident pain in her eyes from being around her.

            “I don’t see how that’s any of your business.” She replied, coldly.

            “You know fully well that it’s my business.” He stepped closer to her, causing her to gasp.

            “No, actually I don’t. I think it stopped being your business the moment you fell out of love with me.” She swallowed the tears.

            “Emily, don’t pull that shit.”

            “Is there a problem here?” Max put his hand on the small of Emily’s back, her eyes full of concern.

            “You tell me, mate.” Harry puffed out his chest, his voice low.

            “Come on Ems, let’s take a seat.” Max led Emily away. She followed, without even looking back. Harry was doing his best to contain the anger that he felt over Max calling Emily, “Ems”. He truly had lost her, and to Max fucking George.


“Well, Styles seemed a little off tonight.” Max whispered in Emily’s ear, a smirk on his face as One Direction finished their set. He felt like he had the jackpot. Not only was Emily gorgeous, funny, and sweet, but he knew that One Direction couldn’t be too happy that he had arrived with their favourite girl on his arm. Emily was like a best friend to him, a best friend that he found exceedingly attractive and shag-able.

            “I wonder why.” She rolled her eyes at him before flashing him a small smile. Emily felt the same towards Max. It was nothing epic, but she felt comfortable. He made her laugh, he made her forget everything going on in her head, and he wasn’t hard to look at either.

            “We’ve got to go backstage for our set. Don’t miss me too much.” And just as Harry was getting back to his seat, Max kissed Emily softly on the lips.

            “I’ll try not to, but I can’t make any promises.” She pulled away from their kiss, winking at him. There were not butterflies, no sparks. But when you’ve waited for someone for 3 years, just to be turned away, sometimes you just need someone. When Harry saw Emily and Max’s lips touching, jealousy blurred his vision. He knew he was a hypocrite for not wanting her to be with anyone else, but he couldn’t take it. Emily could do so much better, and in the end he knew that Max would just hurt her, like he did to all the other girls he had been with. But Harry wasn’t the only one feeling jealous that night. Liam Payne watched as his best friend kissed another man. He could take it when it was Harry because he saw how happy Harry made her, but if it couldn’t be Harry, he wanted it to be him. Liam had never gotten over Emily, and he didn’t think he ever would.


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