Lego House *Addicted Sequel*

*Sequel to Addicted*
It had been 3 years since Emily left Harry at the airport. She was strong again and more famous and more successful than ever. She had finally gotten over Jacques. Yes, she still mourned his death, but she was ready to love again. She was on her way back to London, a place that she could truly call her home. But what if the man that she loves doesn't want her? What if he has moved on? A week before Emily is set to go home, she find out that Harry was done waiting. She doesn't blame him. But she really didn't like the fact that she had to find out that Harry was back together with Taylor Swift through a magazine. Hearts will be broken, lies will be told, and harsh words will be said. But in the end, can you really leave behind the one that had you Addicted?
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3. Stone Cold Bitch

Wow! You guys are quick! Here's chapter 2! Thank you all for liking and all the support through Emily and Harry's journey. I just want to warn you all now that the Sequel is going to be a fair bit darker and more painful than Addicted, but I hope you all enjoy it! 40 likes and I will post Chapter 3!


Chapter Two

            “Oh my gosh, Em, you look so fit in that!” Perrie squealed at her petite friend, who was wearing a fitted, purple, cut out dress. “You have to buy it and wear it tonight. Harry will be sorry he ever let you go.” She winked at Emily.

            “Perrie,” Emily sighed, “I told him to get on with his life, I can’t blame him for moving on.”

            “Yeah, but he should have waited. It’s not like you were going around seeing other guys.” Perrie pointed a perfectly manicured finger at Emily, wiggling it around.

            “That’s not true. I see Teddy every single day.” Emily crossed her arms over her chest, huffing.

            “Emily, as cute as he is, your puppy doesn’t count.” Perrie laughed at her friend’s stubbornness.

            “You tell that to his cute little face and see what he has to say about that.” Emily laughed back. It felt good to laugh.

            “Wear it, Em.” Perrie said softly, pushing her friend back into the fitting room.

            “Anyways, speaking of Harry, is he well…is he coming alone tonight?” Emily let herself say the words, not sure if she wanted to know the answer.

            “I’m not sure. But I can tell you one thing; I didn’t invite his parasite of a girlfriend.” Perrie said harshly. Although they all put up with Taylor, none of them really liked her. Perrie wasn’t so subtle about it though. She didn’t like the way Taylor clung to Harry. She almost felt like she was using him for the fame, and for more song writing material. Even though Taylor had gotten older, her song writing hadn’t changed much. It was still all about which boy had done her wrong. When was she going to see that maybe she was the one doing something wrong? Perrie rolled her eyes again, pushing all thoughts of Taylor out of her mind. Tonight was Emily’s night, and nothing else. She wanted to make sure Emily felt welcome, and she wouldn’t let anything ruin that.


            “Welcome home, Emily!” Emily stepped into the night club, a bright smile on her face. She couldn’t believe how many people were there. And surprisingly, she could name every single one of them. She really had made a name for herself in the short time she had been in London.

            “Wow.” She breathed, “Thank you so much, Perrie!” She threw her arms around her friend’s neck, hugging her tightly.

            “No problem, babe.” Perrie smiled widely at her Emily, before she was pulled away by Zayn and onto the dance floor. Emily turned around, scanning the crowd in hopes of finding a familiar mass of curls.

            “He’s not here yet, love.” She heard Liam’s friendly and familiar voice behind her.

            “Am I that obvious?” She rolled her eyes and smiled, turning to face Liam.

            “No, but I think I know you well enough by now.” He pulled her into a tight hug.

            “Yeah, probably.” She sighed.

            “You look beautiful tonight.” He whispered to her.

            “You don’t look too bad yourself.”

            “Come on, let’s go get a drink.” He took hold of his friend’s hand, pulling her to the bar.

            “Two shots of Jack, kind sir!” Emily giggled at the hot bar tender.

            “Coming right up.” The barman winked at her. Soon there were multiply shot glasses in front of Liam and Emily.

            “To being home!” Liam raised his glass, clinking it against Emily’s.

            “To being home.” Emily echoed his words. Right before she was about to throw the shot back, Emily paused, her heart dropping.

            “Em? I can’t take this shot alone….Oh.” Liam’s gaze followed Emily’s to the door, where Harry was strutting in with his blonde girlfriend. He gripped his shot glass, a flare of anger running through his body.

            “No, it’s okay, Liam. Let’s take our shots. Ignore him.” She raised her glass once more, crashing it to Liam’s, before throwing it back, the alcohol sliding easily down her throat. She was still having trouble putting food into her stomach, so she hadn’t eaten to much that day. She had probably had enough shots.

            “Come on!” She giggled, “let’s go say hi!” She grabbed Liam’s arm, slinging it around her waist before walking confidently towards Harry and Taylor. Oh, the wonders of alcohol.

            “Harry! Aren’t you going to introduce me to your friend, here?” Emily pranced towards Harry, watching as his eyes widened and his jaw slacken as he took in her appearance. His eyes instantly turned cold, and he stood up straighter as he noticed Liam’s hand placed firmly on her waist.

            “Oh, yes. Taylor, this is my friend, Emily. Emily, this is my girlfriend, Taylor.” Harry emphasised just the right words to make Emily’s heart jolt.

            “Uh, Emily, why don’t you go say hi to Ed. He said he wanted to discuss his outfit for the Brits. He’s over by the bar.” Liam urged Emily, pushing her gently away, his eyes pleading for her to obey.

            “Oh! Okay!” She just nodded, “It was nice to meet you Taylor!” Taylor just nodded. Liam took a step towards Harry.

            “We need to talk.” He hissed into Harry’s face.

            “Oh and Taylor?” Emily spun on her heel, interrupting Liam, “does he tell you that he loves you, and he’ll wait, and you’re the only one? Because if he does, it’s a lie.” She looked venomously at Harry before resuming to walk over to Ed.

            “Taylor, I—.”Harry reached for his girlfriend.

            “It’s okay, she’s just jealous.” Taylor kissed Harry smack on the lips, making Liam cringe. It looked like she was eating him.

            “Alright, now that you two have kissed and made up, Harry, can we talk?” Liam tugged on Harry’s arm again.

            “Fine. But be quick.” Taylor scoffed when Harry looked at her for permission. Harry slowly nodded and followed his friend to a private booth.

            “What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Liam reared at Harry as soon as they were alone.

            “What are you talking about, mate?” Harry acted innocent, but he had a pretty good idea what this was all about.

            “Bringing Taylor to this? How selfish can you get, Haz?” Liam poked Harry in the chest.

            “Why can’t I bring my girlfriend to a party? If Emily wants to keep hanging out with us, she’s going to have to get used to Taylor.” Harry rolled his eyes, his voice cold.

            “It was only two days ago when Emily started hyperventilating in the middle of the airport, Harry. Give her a little time before you surprise attack her with your precious little Taylor at her own coming home party!” Liam was full of rage. Harry was being such a selfish prick.


            “So you’re punishing her for leaving by dating Taylor?” Liam remained perfectly calm after Harry’s outburst, giving his friend a chance to cool down too.

            “Hell yes I am! I think she was a selfish bitch when she left. I put my heart on the line, and she just crushed it. I won’t ever take her back, Liam. I don’t love her anymore.” Harry turned to go, but Liam grabbed him, slamming him back against the booth.

            “Well then you tell her that, because she’s still waiting.”

            “No she’s not.” They both turned around to see Emily standing at the doorway of the private room.

            “Emily—.” Harry stood up, reaching for her. His heart had dropped into his stomach.

            “No, Harry. I’m just a selfish bitch.” She said in a small voice as she struggled to fight back her tears.

            “No you’re not, Em. Harry’s just being a jerk.” Liam stepped forward, it killed him to see his best friend in so much pain.

            “You don’t love me anymore?” Emily’s eyes remained on Liam, blocking everything out, the music, the laughter, the alcohol coursing through her veins.

            “No, I don’t.” Harry whispered. This was it. It was all over. With those three words, Harry ripped Emily’s heart out, and it was going to take a miracle to save her from the impending downward spiral.

            “Well then I think you should leave. Walk away for real, Harry Styles, and please, don’t ever look back.” Emily spat at him, before turning around and walking back to the bar, Liam Payne hot on her heels.

            “Emily, calm down.” Liam grabbed her hand, begging her to slow down.

            “No Liam! I am done being patient!” She tugged her hand away from him, “I just want to get drunk! Okay?!”

            “Em, you’re already drunk.” He held her up as she teetered on her very high heels.

            “Is she alright?” She heard Zayn’s voice beside her.

            “Am I alright? NO I’M NOT FUCKING ALRIGHT. Wanna know why? Because I’m a selfish bitch and he doesn’t love me anymore.” And the one thing she promised herself wouldn’t happen, happened; Harry Styles ruined her night.

            “Come on guys, let’s get her home.” Louis wrapped an arm around her waist, forcing her through the crowd.

            “NO! I’m going to enjoy this party while it lasts!” She screamed, pulling away from the boys. She was done with being treated like a child by them, she was done with Harry, and she was done with being Emily. Hearing those words come out of Harry’s mouth changed her; it was like she turned everything human in her off in order to shut off her emotions. Emily Binks was officially a stone cold, selfish bitch, and the only person she blamed was Harry Styles. 

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