Lego House *Addicted Sequel*

*Sequel to Addicted*
It had been 3 years since Emily left Harry at the airport. She was strong again and more famous and more successful than ever. She had finally gotten over Jacques. Yes, she still mourned his death, but she was ready to love again. She was on her way back to London, a place that she could truly call her home. But what if the man that she loves doesn't want her? What if he has moved on? A week before Emily is set to go home, she find out that Harry was done waiting. She doesn't blame him. But she really didn't like the fact that she had to find out that Harry was back together with Taylor Swift through a magazine. Hearts will be broken, lies will be told, and harsh words will be said. But in the end, can you really leave behind the one that had you Addicted?
*This novel will be updated every 5-10 likes/hearts*


9. Every Single Day

I know you wanted more, but I have writers block, so I did what I could. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into Hemily's past <3


Chapter Eight

            “Where are you taking me?” Harry laughed as Emily tugged on his arm, pulling him towards her car. He pulled back, grabbing his own car keys from his pocket.

            “At least let me drive!” He shook his keys in her face as her nose wrinkled at the clinking noise that they made.

            “No, because then I’d have to tell you where we’re going. Just let me drive for once, Haz!” She crossed her arms over her chest, pouting. Harry sighed, immediately giving in. He was bad at saying no to her.

            “Fine, you can drive.” He leaned in, his lips ready for her reaction.

            “Thank you, kind sir.” She posed on her tip toes and pecked his lips before leaning past him and opening the passenger door for him. He looked at her, shocked, “What? You always treat me like a princess, why can’t I treat you like a prince? Or A princess, too. Princess Harriet!” Emily laughed, running to the other side of the car before Harry could punish her for calling him a princess.

            “I’m not a princess.” Harry pouted his lower lip once they were both securely in the car. Emily just giggled, turning the radio up and singing along. Harry turned to her, admiring the way she got lost in the song. “You know, you’re a really good singer. Why didn’t you pursue that?” He kept staring at her. She flicked her eyes to him before focusing back on the road.

            “I’m not sure. I figured I couldn’t do both. Besides, I don’t have the time. And designing is my passion. It does something to me. It inspires me.” She smiled, thinking of her love of fashion.

            “Well, you can sing to me anytime, baby.” He grinned at her, hoping she would take him seriously. Because her voice was the most beautiful thing he had heard in his entire life.

            “Oh shut up Harry. Besides, I would rather listen to you sing.” She pulled into a parking space in front of a large building.

            “Is this it?” He jumped out of the car, like an excited little boy, even though he wasn’t really sure what he was looking at yet.

            “This is it.” She locked the car, taking his hand, giving it a gentle squeeze. He couldn’t even stop himself, he pressed her up against the car, kissing her deeply, causing her to forget how to breathe. She kissed him back, wrapping her arms around his neck as he slipped his hands under her jacket, causing her to jump, because they were cold.

            “Harry,” she hissed, reluctantly breaking away from his kiss, “people are taking pictures.” She hid her face in his chest, taking in his intoxicating scent.

            “I don’t care. I want the whole world to know that I am in love with the most beautiful woman in the world.” He smiled, resting his chin on the top of her head. All of a sudden she pulled out of his grip, and started dragging him into the building by his elbow.

            “Emily! It’s good to see you again!” The woman at the front desk smiled brightly at Emily. Harry gave her an inquisitive look, but she just shrugged, turning back to the woman at the desk.

            “Hello, Jemma! How are my babes doing?” Emily’s face lit up when talking about her ‘babes’.

            “Are you here to see the pups again?” And then suddenly Harry clued in, they were at an animal shelter.

            “Maybe later. But today I am here for the kittens.” Instantly Harry’s ears perked up. He loved cats!

            “Emily Binks, I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this before, but you’re the best girlfriend ever.” He hugged her from behind and she leaned into him as he kissed her temple.

            “You guys are adorable.” Jemma smiled from behind the front desk. Yes, this was the Jemma that was now dating Niall Horan.

            “Oh Jemma, you know I have a friend who I think you’d get along with perfectly.” Emily went up and nudged the woman. Harry took in the girl’s obvious Canadian accent, curly hair, and cute cheeks. She looked perfect for Niall.

            “Em, I don’t know. You know I haven’t dated since…” The girl trailed off in her thoughts.

            “Oh come on Jems, that was high school.” Emily hugged her friend. And then it all clicked. This was Emily’s best friend from high school that she was always talking about.

            “Oh wow! You’re Jemma. I’ve heard so much about you. All good things, of course.” Harry stepped forward, pulling the girl into a hug before releasing her and smiling over at Emily.

            “I’ve heard a lot about you too. Mostly good things.” Jemma smirked and winked at Emily who giggled nervously, rolling her eyes at her best friend.

            “Can we go see the kitties now?” Emily whined in an attempt to change the subject.

            “Sure, you know where to find them.” Jemma nodded towards a closed door. Harry smiled brightly at Emily as she took his hand and lead him towards the room full of kittens.

            “Ems.” Harry gasped as soon as he caught a glimpse of the sight before him. All around him were kittens running around, purring, and playing, just begging for Harry to cuddle them. But for some reason, he really didn’t have too much of a desire to play with them. He just wanted to stare at Emily for the rest of the day, hold her in his arms, and tell her how perfect she was to him. But he knew she had done this for him, and she would want to see him play with the kittens. He wasn’t about to complain about it.

            “Go on! I know you want to.” She smiled at gestured towards a timid kitten, lounging by itself in the corner.

            “Have I ever told you how amazing you are?” He kissed her forehead before heading off to coax the shy kitten into his loving arms.

            “Hey, babe, I’m just going to slip into the room just over there. It’s the puppy room. I’ll be back in a second.” She smiled before closing the door behind her. He knew she wasn’t a cat person, but he didn’t know she loved dogs so much that she’d leave him alone for them. Curiously, Harry put the small animal in his arms down and made his way towards the door. He stepped out wondering which room was the puppy room.

            “It’s right over there.” He looked up to see Jemma smiling at him while pointing towards a door. Harry nodded and thanked her before making his way into the room. But nothing in the world could have prepared him for what he saw. Before him, Emily was sitting on the floor in front of a small, cowering puppy. You could easily see the reasons why it was in the shelter. It’s small body was shaking, and it had spots shaving into it and deep red cuts that had been sewn shut. It didn’t trust humans. But there was Emily, sitting in front of it, not giving up on the small dog. She looked up to see Harry, bringing a finger to her lips telling him not to make a sound. Harry nodded and watched as she continued to smile and sing to the dog, her beautiful voice filling the room. To Harry, it looked as if she had tuned everything and everyone out except for this dog. She gave it her undivided attention, and he could tell that she was determined to let this little animal know that she would never give up on it. The dog took a small step forwards, sniffing timidly at Emily’s outstretched hand. Emily’s smile broadened into a smile that Harry had never seen before. It was a look of pure innocence and complete and total happiness. He had never seen her so caring before. The dog seemed to see the same thing as it slowly hopped into Emily’s lap, letting her cradle it, love it. And in that moment, Harry Styles swore he would do whatever it took to see Emily like that every single day of his life.


            Harry woke up with a start, his mind flashing over the dream he had. The only image that stayed in his mind was Emily’s smiling face as she continued to sing to the abused puppy in her arms. Harry knew that he had messed up, and he remembered his promise. From this day forward, Harry would do whatever it took to see that same look on her face again.

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